4 Simple Ways To Practice Gratitude

                         Gratitude is the feeling that you get when you are thankful for something. Generally, this feeling of gratitude bubbles up within a person undeliberately owing to some good incident. However, these feelings of gratitude can also be made to re surface within a person intentionally. This is possible by recounting a happy incident and writing it down in your planner or journal.

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                         Writing down or making a physical record of your gratitude is more beneficial than just think about it in your head. Rather than experiencing fleeting moments of happiness, writing down lets you relive the moment for a longer time. It is also a physical record that you can pick up and go through every time you feel down and need an emotional boost.

                         Practicing Gratitude journaling is beneficial for your mental and physical health. Studies show that practicing gratitude lowers your stress levels. There are evidences that also suggest that it lowers the risk of heart diseases.  Practicing gratitude  on your Planner 2023 every night before bed, takes your mind away from worries and helps you sleep better. This helps not just with major traumatic events but also helps to deal with everyday stress. It also helps you to stay positive, as it forces you to look at all the good things in life and count your blessings.

                              As you keep listing down the things to be grateful for, you will feel a shift in your overall well- being. In order to keep up with this practice every day and make it easier, you can pick a planner that has space to write gratitude and make it a part of your routine. Here are some steps that will help you with gratitude journaling on your Student Planner 2023 .

Make Time In Your Schedule :

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                         The way gratitude can be practiced differs with people. The weekly planner from Neorah has weekly layouts with the Grateful For space. You can use this as a meditative activity on the weekends to think about the week you had and write all the good things that happened.

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                                       Some people find it more beneficial to practice gratitude journaling every day. You can write the things you are grateful for first thing in the morning and kick start your day or you can do it before bed and the day on a positive note. The Daily Planner for Students from Neorah has a page for each day with space to write the things that you are grateful for. As the daily planner has ample space, you can also use it to recount your day and write about your feelings in detail.

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Both Big And Small :

                                        You don’t have to wait for something big to happen in order to be thankful. You can start small! It could be a good book that you are reading or a colleague who gave you a ride home. Focusing on all these small good things will make you more optimistic and stop you from taking life for granted.

                                          Being more specific and personal about what you feel will help you experience more positive emotions. For instance, writing down Jack surprised me with a cake on birthday will elicit more positive emotions than just writing birthday surprise.

Subtractions Are Good Too!

                                      Sometimes, things that did not happen are a blessing too. Think of all the problems you avoided that day and you would automatically start feeling thankful for the good luck. It is also ok to be grateful that any toxic habit or person that has moved away from your life. You can also be thankful for the lessons that you learnt that day that you know will help you grow.

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Think Of Your Abilities :

                                     You can be grateful for your abilities. The Neorah  Study Planner for Students has space to write your accomplishments. You can take a look at your accomplishments for the week or day and be grateful for your abilities. You can also be happy for your perseverance and accomplishing the goals you had set. This not only motivates you but also boosts your self-confidence.

                                      If you feel thankful for something, don’t forget to write it down on your Student Planner 2023. Practicing gratitude can transform our life. It gives hope and helps in holding onto the good things in life. It helps us focus on the positive, in a world full of chaos.

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