About us

All the world’s a page

The pen might be mightier than the keyboard. We can’t say for sure. But we can tell you it brings infinitely more pleasure. For the dreamers, doodlers, and detail-oriented doers, the tactile relationship between pen and paper is an underrated joy. Some of the world’s greatest thinkers and doers believe so, and not just those who preceded the digital age. Intellectuals and artists from Franz Kafka and Frida Kahlo to Tim Ferriss, Oprah Winfrey, and Richard Branson advocate the humble journal. As they say, a life worth living is a life worth recording.


A new chapter

Our books have likely passed through your hands, only they carried different names. After years of producing artisanal journals for global brands, we decided to concentrate the innovation and craftsmanship we had cultivated over half a century into the creation of NEORAH. Hebrew for ‘light’, NEORAH is the last word in premium notebooks and accessories. The North Star that accents its logo is known as the guiding light, indicating the direction of Earth’s spin on its axis as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. Similarly, NEORAH suggests the path forward in artisanal handmade products.


… by an old name

We are Siruvar Kala Mantram, a family-owned book bindery and publishing house founded in 1969 in the ancient Indian city of Madurai. Our work celebrates the city’s vibrant music, dance, and literary culture, a legacy that dates back to the Sangam age in 3rd century BC. Now led by the second generation and still operating from our original premises, we retain the oldest traditions of our craft while upholding the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility.


At home with in-house

Our under-one-roof approach means every product we craft is created and completed solely by us before sent out into the world. Controlling all the aspects of crafting it allows us to guarantee industry best practices, from the unwavering quality of raw materials to the impeccable hand-binding by our master craftsmen. As we owe our success to the work of many hands, we are committed to supporting our community of artisans through fair treatment and equal opportunity.


A binding promise of excellence

NEORAH is the product of that integrity and wisdom, with the same attention to detail poured into its pages. Our veteran craftsmen orchestrate the Smyth sewing and binding by hand so the notebook can be laid flat open without damaging the spine. It is a method designed for comfort and endurance, safeguarding your ideas or reflections for years to come.


The art of papermaking

Our paper is crafted from sustainably-grown local sugarcane. Its fibres are a natural by-product of stalks crushed to produce sweeteners such as sugar. By manufacturing paper from these fibres instead of wood, we use minimal energy and water, as well as eliminate the need to cut trees or employ chemicals common in pulping and processing. This respect for the environment does not compromise our quality. NEORAH’s paper is firm yet supple – the ideal canvas for your thoughts. The thickness and high opacity of the paper ensures fountain inks on one side do not ghost on the other, while it’s smooth surface finish reduces writing fatigue.


Your notebook speaks volumes

We understand that notebooks are intensely personal, so we prepare for the many unique ways our customers express themselves. NEORAH is available in a variety of sizes, page counts, and binding finishes. From Swiss leather paper to Dutch silk rayon to Italian vegan leather, we offer the most exquisite choices of covering materials. Even our paper hues cater to individual preferences of optimal readability: perhaps you are inspired by the warm creaminess of the Scotch Butter paper or find your words flow better against the cool crisp Minty Blue sheets. Graphite, coloured pigments, and ink glide easily across the pages, which accommodate the humble pencil and fine fountain pen alike. Here, you are free.


On the same page

We are not interested in being a world best. We just want to do what we are best at, and do it ethically, authentically, and consistently. To stay true to our roots and let our products speak for themselves. In fact, our entire legacy is built on this single aspiration, to develop excellent products that exceed your expectations.

So, we’ll make the books. You fill the pages.

Unique Corporate Gifts For Clients

  • The best corporate gifts for clients are those that they can enjoy for years.
  • Our planners, journals and notebooks are often ordered and customized in large numbers as corporate gifts by our clients.

Personalization Available For The Following Products

  • Be it a wallet, planner, journal or organiser, personalizing it with your name or a quote, makes it more special and one of a kind.
  • Don't miss out on an opportunity to assert your individuality and make your favourite product from Neorah, truly your own.

Too see more personalisation

Here is a bulk order of men's wallet that we personalized for our customer. A special curation for a special event.

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