4 Simple ways to Use a Planner- Beginner’s Guide

                           A planner is the key to organizing your life. A Planner Diary will map out your future for you, letting you plan and priorities your tasks in advance. With a Planner in your hand, you can easily tackle your hectic schedule and glide through your personal and professional life effortlessly. We know life is chaotic and Neorah’s Daily Planner 2023  is here to help. With these tips for using your Accomplish planner, you can easily get into the groove of planning your year.

Neorah daily planner 2023

  1. Keep it accessible

                           Always keep your Daily Planner Diary 2023 where you can see it and access it easily. If your planner is tucked away in a drawer somewhere, you will lose the motivation to reach for it often and plan your day.  So, keep it handy and in the same place every day, like on the table next to you or in your hand bag.  You can also carry your planner on the go, so it is easy to note down anything that comes up during the day.

                           Make sure to write down everything that comes up, so that nothing slips your mind and you can evade the nagging feeling you get, when you know you have forgotten something important.

Neorah daily monthly layout 2023

      2. Plan to plan

                         Consistency is the key to manifest successful planning. It is important to make planning your everyday routine to stay organised. You can allot some time for planning in your Neorah Planner 2023 to make it easier. Check your daily planner diary as soon as you wake up and before going to bed, to know the agenda for the day and sketch out each day ahead. Remember to be specific and positive as you write in your planner. For instance, meeting with Jim, will make more sense to you later than just mentioning meeting.

                         First things first, as soon as you buy your planner, note down the important birthdays, anniversaries and events you are aware of, in the monthly spread. When you have started using your planner regularly, add weekly tasks. Set goals that have to be achieved by the end of each week and at the end of the month. Also remember to refer to the monthly spread out and add in important events and appointments. For example, if you have to attend a wedding on Friday, you can make time on Wednesday or Thursday to buy a gift. This will make your errands easier and avoid any unfortunate surprises.

                         You can also spice up your planners as it suits you. You can use different color pens, stickers or doodles to make it more interesting. For example, you can use red pen for work related tasks, blue for personal and so on to organize

Neorah Daily Layout 2023

     3. Multitask

                                 You can use your planner diary to manage your work life and personal life easily and organise them both using the Daily Planner 2023. You can note down work related tasks such as presentations, meetings, zoom calls etc and excel at work. If you are a student, your planner will be your lifesaver. You can make plans for upcoming tests, assignments, extra- curricular events and make elaborate plans to complete your syllabus during study holidays.

                                With your planner in hand, you will no longer slack when it comes to your personal life too. You can catch up with friends for a reunion, parties or weddings. You can surprise your loved ones on birthdays and anniversaries and never miss out the important people and moments of your life.

daily planner 2023 layout

                             Use your planner to keep track of your health conditions, medications and doctor’s appointments. You can also plan your finances most effectively. Write down all the expenditures, analyze your spending pattern, cut down unwanted expenses, make a budget and make some savings.

neorah planner 2023 habit  tracker

                                     You can also make a note of your habits and cut out any habit that hampers your productivity while inculcating good habits like reading, meditation etc. Growing up doesn’t have to entail giving up your passion and childhood dreams. Using the passion tracker, write everything you are passionate about like travelling the world, reading new books or watching movies. Every time there is a new movie or book coming up, note it down in your weekly spread and never miss out on the things you like. With your planner, you can also give yourself a much-needed break. Unwind by planning and making reservations for a spa day or a vacation.

Neorah Duo Planner 2023

   4. Measure and reflect :

                                 You cannot grow holistically unless you reflect on what you have done. Write down your accomplishments and see your progress in the Neorah Duo 2023 Planner. If there is any particular task that has been postponed for too long, find out why and get it done. Build your sense of accomplishment, remember all the good things that has happened and journal in the gratitude section. This will let you appreciate how you have come and keep the momentum up.                                   

                                  Each of us have a unique planning style that works the best for us. You can incorporate these tips into your every day planner routine to manage your busy day and accomplish your long-term goals like a boss.

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