5 Reasons to Get the Messenger Bag from Neorah

                        Messenger bags are truly distinct from other everyday bags as they are made with both style and functionality in mind. The unique design of the Messenger bags and the comfort they offer has made them a popular choice among both men and women in formal as well as casual settings. Here is a list of reasons why you should own a Messenger Bag from Neorah right away.

  1. Exceptional craftsmanship

Neorah leather messenger bag

                      The Messenger bags from Neorah possess a unique charm as they are meticulously handcrafted.  These messenger bags are made with Vegan Leather featuring the trending cross hatch pattern and premium gold toned YKK zipper that elevates the elegance and resists wear and tear. Not only are these bags durable at their best but also eco- friendly and sustainable.

                      Nothing is more painful than your favorite bag snapping on a crucial day. So, we’ve designed our Vegan leather messenger bag with a lot of attention and care, so they never give up on you.

      2. Organisation

Neorah Messenger Bag features

                      A lot on your mind and a lot in the bag. Let us make life a little stress free with bags that hold designated and easy to access compartments.

                     The Messenger Bag features a dedicated laptop sleeve that keeps it separate from other items in the bag and within easy reach. Besides a spacious main compartment, it has a side compartment where you can safely store your wallets and important documents.

Neorah messenger bag for men

                    The messenger bag for men also has a front and back compartment for other gadgets like an ipad and essentials you would need throughout the day.

      3. Security

                   Most often Messenger Bags carry valuable electronic devices and documents, so it is   important to ensure that they remain safe within. In Neorah’s side bag for men, the laptop sleeve has a Velcro closure that keeps the laptop in place and prevents it from accidentally falling out. The messenger bag is exquisitely lined with silk blend material that keeps all belongings scratch free and in perfect condition.

                 This messenger bag for women also can withstand and safeguard its contents from accidental spills and bad weather, making it a reliable companion for everyday adventures.

      4. Convenience

Laptop Messenger bag

                   One bag, many ways! This Laptop Messenger bag can be conveniently worn as either a side bag or a cross-body bag for a hands-free approach on a busy day. The adjustable shoulder strap lets you wear it comfortably in the desired height and manner, without any strain.

                  The detachable shoulder strap is a bonus. Feel free to use the messenger bag as a briefcase for an added professional look during travel and important meetings.

      5. Versatility

best Messenger bags India

                         The Laptop Messenger bag comes in a selected range of colours that are apt for all occasions. The sleek and smart design gives off both professional and relaxed vibes, enabling you to transition seamlessly between both the worlds.

                          Say bye to overpacked, bulgy bags that can seldom accommodate what you need. Revamp your look and stay organised with the trendy and practical best Messenger bags India from Neorah.

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