7 Reasons to Own the Iconic Quilted Wallets from Atelier Neorah

Neorah Quilted Leather Wallet

                                     Quilted Leather wallet have been used to make a striking fashion statement right from huge celebrities to everyday fashionistas. They have the power to elevate even a basic outfit and make you look chic & cool. With so many Quilted leather wallets flooding the market, here are some reasons why you should choose to buy Quilted Wallets from Neorah.

1. Versatility

             Neorah leather wallets

                                        Neorah leather wallets are a great investment as they are extremely versatile. They can be sported like a clutch when you take them for a party or a wedding. They also work like wallets, so you can easily open and store your cash when in a hurry.

                                        Whether you are off to college, headed to an important meeting or just a day out to the nearby ice cream parlor, this go-to accessory will definitely turn heads and fetch you loads of compliments.

2. Utility

    Neorah women's Wallets

                                        Your wallet is more than a fashion accessory, It is that one thing that you grab when you are headed out, that will have you covered for the whole day.

                                       Quilted wallets from Neorah provide the maximum utility. They are perfectly sized. It is handy, so you can carry it around all day, anywhere you go. You can also slip it inside your handbag or tote conveniently.

                                      The women’s wallet has 5 card slots with a zipped compartment in the middle which can be used to keep coins or even everyday essentials like a mini lipstick. It has a spacious side compartment for currency too.

3. Material

Neorah quilted Wallets

                                        Neorah wallets for women are made of Vegan Leather. This wallet is bound to make you look good and feel good because they are cruelty free. The entire wallet, including the card slots are double paneled. This enhances the durability of the product and also makes it easier to take your cards and currency out from the wallet.

4. Craftsmanship


                                        The craftsmanship of these women’s purses is just remarkable. The wallet is meticulously handcrafted with minute stitches for a perfect finish. The wallet quality is excellent not just on the outside but on the inside too. Unlike the other brands which only have cloth lining, Neorah's wallet is lined with silk blend cloth on the inside. This is not just luxurious but silk being the strongest material will increase the longevity of the product.

                                       The elegant gold toned YKK  zipper that is used is the best in the market. So it is likely to stay lustrous and appealing forever.

                                     This wallet is handmade in India by women artisans. By buying Neorah products we support artisans who take tremendous pride in their art.

5. Design

                                       Quilted wallets have a celebrity appeal. The Quilted pattern in Neorah wallet is made with a thick layer of spongy foam between the layers of vegan leather. This makes beautiful indentation on the wallet that is distinct even from a long distance. So, if you want to channel your inner Meryl Streep from The Devil Wears Prada, this is your best bet!

6.Look and feel

mini wallets  for women

                                      These women’s mini wallets from Neorah are not just practical but they are also pretty. They are a gorgeous add on to any outfit that you will wear.

                                      The quilted pattern in this wallet is quite unique, as it is an elongated diamond. This makes the wallet look classy and sophisticated.

                                       These wallets also come in a wide range of eye-catching colors in dark and light shades. The brilliant hues and the beautiful pattern of these wallets will not just brighten your outfit but definitely your day too.

7. Packing

best wallets for women

                                             Right from the packing, Neorah puts a lot of effort for maximum customer delight. It is so beautiful that you won't have the heart to open it.

                                              The wallet is wrapped carefully and placed in an elegant, sturdy box. It includes a thank you card, which feels really personal and sweet. There is also a card about care instructions, which is pretty simple. You can judge the quality of the product with the packaging and I was impressed with Neorah. It makes a perfect gift to yourself and your loved ones.

                                             It is important to feel good and love the thing that you carry every day. Choose Neorah’s best wallets for women to feel fabulous and special.

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