8 Creative Ways to Use a Planner When You Don’t Have Plans

                                   When we say the word planner, our mind usually pictures a very busy person who has trouble juggling work and personal life or a student preparing for an exam. There is a common conception that planners are made and used by people who have some big goals to run towards to. But the truth is Planners are not just meant for people with big plans or goals.

                                   Not all of us have plans all the time. Nevertheless, a Planner can be a powerful tool to inculcate discipline, stay organized and build a routine in your life. Here are some interesting and functional ways to make use of your Planner 2023 and any other planners that you have lying around .

  1. journal

Neorah Weekly layout

                                   You can take a break from planning the future and focus on the present by turning your planner into an everyday journal. You can write about your feelings, thoughts, the things that you did and your day in general. Your Daily planner 2023 can be a place where you can vent. This will give you a cathartic experience as well as turn your planner into an archive of your life.

Neorah planner journal writing

                             In addition to journal writing, you can also bujo, junk journal and make beautiful spreads with your planner.

     2.Wellness journal

                             Guess what? Your planner can be used as a fitness tracker. You can use it to keep track of your exercise like the time you spent working out, the areas you worked on, the calories you burnt each day and so on. You can also make a diet chart for yourself and keep track of the food that you consume every day, water intake and the nutritional value. You can also use the monthly health tracker in your planner to keep tabs on your health conditions if any, your sleep schedule, appointments etc. for yourself or customize it for a loved one.

                            Your planner can also be used to be mindful of your mental health.  Express your gratitude each day to feel optimistic and hopeful amidst everyday stress. Also use it as a mood tracker and watch how it affects your sleep pattern.

    3.Cooking experiences

2023 planner diary

                           If you are a food lover, here is a chance at Ratatouille with your 2023 Planner Diary. Use it to experiment different food and document the recipes. Make a list of the different food you want to try at different restaurants. Try cooking the ones that you like. Note down the recipes that turn out well, the changes to the original recipe if any and other details that helped with the cooking process.

     4.Writing and sketching

Planner Writing and sketching

                             The 2023 Diary Planner from Neorah has a page for each day. So, this can be used creatively for an everyday writing or drawing challenge. You can choose a theme for each month like- Halloween, Christmas etc. and make your art works, poetry and short stories based on that.

                          The monthly layout has a spacious grid for each month which can be used to make miniature art work or doodles.

     5.Travel journal

2023 daily planner

                         Your 2023 Journal planner can very well be your travel journal or your wish list partner. Take your planner with you everywhere you travel. Write down your experience, stick pictures & souvenirs and give a beautiful form to your memories.

2023 journal planner

                          You can also manifest and journal your wish list by sticking pictures of the places you want to visit, the activities you want to do and why you want to do it.

     6.Building a routine

Neorah Planner 2023 habit tracker

                            You can use your Neorah Planner 2023 to incorporate healthy habits in your life like reading, meditation, walking etc. The planner comes with a habit tracker wheel with which you can track your consistency throughout and lead a disciplined life.

    7.Financial planning

Neorah planner finance tracker 2023

                        The Accomplish Planners from Neorah come with a dedicated finance tracker. You can use this to write down all of your monthly expenses and spot your spending habits. This will help you cut down on impulse shopping and plan your finances wisely.

                          You can also write down and track your monthly bills that are to be paid, dues, subscriptions and use the notes page to make a planned shopping or grocery list.

    8.Books and shows

                            The best thing about Neorah Daily planner diary is that they can always be personalized. If you are a book lover, you can use your planner as a personal book journal. You can make a list of the books that you plan to read for the month and note down any new book suggestions that you receive.

planner personal book journal

                                   You can also write down your favourite quotes from the books, your thoughts about the books you read and make journal spreads with your favourite events and characters from the book.

                                 Similarly, you can also use this to catch up and celebrate your favourite movies, shows or anime.

                                 A planner has no expiration date. It can be many things- your diary, a journal, a creative outlet and most of all a way to take back control when everything seems disordered.


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