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What is your idea of a perfect day? Some would say it is going on a trip to explore a new place or a shopping spree to heart’s content. For some its is spending quality time with their loved ones or even just a lazy day at home without being roused by an alarm. For booklovers, it’s experiencing the smell and the crisp pages of a new book with the anticipation of stepping into a new world. Settling into a favourite spot at home or a café with a book and a cup aromatic coffee to go with is a feeling like no other. The excitement of reading coupled with warm sips of the coffee’s exquisite flavours, will soothe not just the mind but also the soul.

Journaling is an enjoyable activity, much like reading. While reading transports us to different worlds and scenarios through books, journaling is a means to explore and express the mind. This simple yet aesthetic BuJo done on the Pro Journal from Neorah beautifully captures the happiness found in book reading.



The Neorah Pro Journal has pages that are 135GSM thick, making it perfect for all those who love to write without any concerns of ink bleeding or ghosting. It is a versatile journal that can also be used for bullet journaling with different pens, markers and paints like acrylics and gouache. The journal features an index and with 205 numbered pages making organising and navigating through your works effortless.

The journal notebook is completely handcrafted with a minimal, elegant cover and perfect lay flat binding. So, writing or painting on the journal can be done with no hassles. The journal also has a gusseted back pouch to store accessories, journal stickers etc and its colour co ordinating elastic band that keeps the journal safe even with a lot of content and inserts.

Here are some creative journal ideas to recreate this coffee and books themed spread by @­­­­_artsthetic_diaries_:


1. Splatter some brown paint with a round brush on the journal diary and spread it slightly


2. Paste any old, yellowing paper on the centre of the journal, to keep up with the brown theme,


3. Let’s incorporate some real coffee stains to elevate the aesthetic appeal and the authenticity of the journal theme.

For this, pour some coffee onto a saucer and dip the bottom of a cup onto it. Once it stops dripping, press the cup gently on the journal diary notebook. Make similar circles on all sides of the paper

 It’s worth noting that the Neorah pro journal’s paper will absorb the stain with ease and no warping can be seen

 4. Paste bits of brown washi tape along the top and bottom sides of the paper


5. Next, we will be pasting 2 pictures of books on the right and with a book lyingon café table on the left


 6. Paste a small, old newspaper cutting on the left bottom of the bullet journal notebook

 7. 3 washi tapes with different quotes are pasted- one in between the book pictures, below the news paper cutting, and on the top left side. Choose quotes that resonate with you so that they hold an emotional connection besides acting as space fillers.


8. A round, red journal sticker is pasted at the centre of the journal notebook for a contrast. You can add any contrasting element of your choice

9. Finally, a sticker with the word “café” is pasted above the café picture. You can also choose to write to add a personal touch


Sometimes, the good moments in life are so simple that they are often overlooked. Treasure and celebrate them all with Neorah Journal.

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