Basic Ideas for Beginners to Start an Art Journal

Neorah Art Journal Diary


                           Imagine being in a comfortable space when you are feeling down and pouring out your heart to someone who listens to your thoughts and emotions with no judgements. To make it better, let’s say that you are not charged by the hour for venting out your problems. Sounds amazing? As surprising as it might sound, it is none other than an Art Journal.

                            Art journal is very similar to your regular journal but it incorporates images, patterns and colors with writing. Words and art are two things that are very powerful. Together they can incredibly express all those feelings that flit across your mind. Neorah’s art journal is the best that is available in the market as it made of European Vegan Leather. It comes in aesthetically appealing colors that are absolutely beautiful.

Neorah 180 gsm paper test

                             The best thing about this journal is that its papers are of 180 gsm thickness. It can take several layers of paint including watercolors, gouache and acrylic. So, you can express your heart’s content not just with a pen, but also with a paint brush. You also don’t have to restrict yourself to just one medium. With the art journal, you have the freedom to explore. You can try watercolors one day, gouache the next and so on.

                               It also works great for a variety of pens like brush pens, fountain pens, Gelly roll pens, alcoholic markers, midliners, micron pens, fine liners etc. With a variety of art supplies, you can make your day colorful and scintillating.

Neorah Art Journal Notebook

                             The art journal is minimally debossed, so you personalize the cover as you like with stickers, art work or any other art journal cover ideas that you can think of. The best thing about an art journal is that it is a personal outlet. You can be as creative as you want with no pressure of having to be perfect. You will feel lighter as you indulge in the creative process and watch as your confused mind, creates something unique and stunning on the page. It teaches you the art of living as you learn to appreciate beauty even in imperfection.

Neorah’s art journal

            Neorah’s art journal has many more advantages. Its pages are numbered and it comes with an index page that has Date, Topic and Pages. This makes it easier to use your Neorah art journal a book or a journal series. I found another feature of the Neorah art journal very useful. The pages are dot grid and have a center marking.  This enables me to make symmetrical drawings like blueprints and human portraits very easily on this art journal.

Here are some interesting art journal ideas for beginners:

       1.Travel journal

Neorah Travel journal

                                 This journal is a perfect A5 size. So, you can easily take it along with you every day to write what you feel or even make a quick doodle. You can collect souvenirs or photographs from your favorite trip, paste it on your art journal and record your good memories of the road trip.

     2. Personal diary

                                Your art journal is with no doubt, your personal diary as well. You can use it as a brain dump and feel lighter as the words pour out. When words don’t suffice, you can sketch what you feel or use journal stickers that match your state of mind for the day.

    3. Aesthetically pleasing journal entry

                                Sometimes you would feel like writing down the events of the day but also want to make it look beautiful and cherish able. In that case, you can paint the pages of your aesthetic art journal with your favorite color, write down your thoughts, make a small doodle and finish of with some journal stickers.

    4. Writing quotes

Art Journal idea Writing quotes

                                  We all know quotes that are etched in our heart and mind. We can’t help but want to write it down. With an art journal, you have the freedom to turn even your favorite quote into a piece of art!

      5. Scrap journaling

 Neorah Scrap journaling

                                     You can use any of your old things that you would like to save like newspaper or magazine clippings, stamps, photographs, cards, fabric pieces etc, arrange it in a way that looks good to you and stick them on the   journal with glue or a washi tape.

                                     You can also preserve any flowers that you have in your journal. It is a fun way to turn your journal into a diary filled with memories.

                                    There are no rules to use your art journal and it lets you grow as an artist. Buy your very own art journal from Neorah and let your creativity flow without limits, like your thoughts and emotions.



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