Difference between Diary and Journal

                         Many people have the idea that diary and the Journal are same, as obvious to its name let me tell you about it. Diary is where you record your day’s events, plan or schedule. Diary is predominantly used where you record the events as they happen, but the journal on the other hand it is used to explore the ideas that strikes you to create and colorfully illustrate on your daily bujo’s.

  • How do they differ?

                Here let me tell you in detail,

Professional Organiser Diary

                              Diary is something which is likely used to record specific events that happened in a specific day. It grabs all your memories in a written form, keeping a diary is a great way to record your personal development. The more you write will let you look back and know what has changed over time. the earlier you start will make you grateful later on. it also improves your writing skills along the years and reminds you with the minute details.

                             Organiser Diary is a private place it gives freedom to your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It doesn’t have to be specific if you don’t want it to be. it can also be a place where you write whatever you want. Diary can be more helpful to the writers to improve their skills in writing. It will also be helpful to break the writer’s block if you may have been suffering.

Organiser Notebook

                              Good writing comes from years and years of practice, if you want to attain a good level then make a diary or journal your best friend. The only difference is the way you use it to makes your life colourful. If you want to start a diary and don’t know from where to start, use these small and simple things which will lead you the way.

  • Decide to write towards your passion
  • If you are a foodie then write how the food amazed you and connect it with your emotions.
  • If you like to travel then write about the journey which inspired you.
  • Write about your role model and how that person helps you through.
  • Even a small thing which gave you a smile.
  • Be your own fashion expert and write how the dress makes you feel.

Writing makes you admire everything and it adds the flow of happiness throughout your writing.

Journal notebook

                              Journal Notebook can have variety of uses but it is mostly used for exploring the ideas. It is often used for creative purposes and to explore the new genres, ideas. The way you use the journal will give you the best experience in your life. When writing it down it pushes you to finish it and gives you wonderful memories to cherish.

                              I would like to show light upon how journals can help you to improve your mental wellbeing. Journal can be helpful to the people who might be suffering from Anxiety, depression or something which disturbs them. Psychiatrists are suggesting the patients to use a journal coz it might make their world a little more colorful when they scribble their thoughts out, it makes them to feel good and be grateful for and making them be optimistic, feel good about them will obviously bring a big difference.

Classic notebook Journal

               Keep a gratitude journal by your side of your bed and write every night how grateful you are for things. To have a sound sleep pen it down and feel free later and have a good 8 hours of sleep. Which will show a big difference in weeks.            

                              Journal on the other hand lets you pen down your ideas, lists and random thoughts or anything else which comes to your mind. At some point people might deviate from their goals while they are engaged with other commitments but journal helps you to be more precise about meeting your goal list and it unlocks the path to your unknown talents.

If you have amazed by the idea, you can get one for yourself to upgrade your life to another level. If you don’t know what to start then use these techniques

  • Jot down
  • goals
    • The new paths which wants to be explored.
    • New exercise routine to begin
    • New recipes to try
    • Start reading a new genre book
    • Series to watch


                              Through the course of my Life, I understood I was both a diary and a journal person, diary helped me to record the events but Journal helped me to focus on my goals. It never let me to forget anything, by pen downing my ideas it helped me to discover my new talents and passion. I used Menorah’s premium journal to travel with me and keep me in track.

  • How to select a Journal?

                              I usually select a journal according to the Papers quality. Coz it is going to travel a period of time, so you have to be sure about that, Atelier Neorah paper is buttery smooth you will love to write on it. I suggest you to go for Neorah’s Journal and enjoy the journey of your recently discovered talent.


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