Don’t Stress, just Eustress this 2023!

                                There are two kinds of people in this world. The first group of people are those who always do things in advance. Those who start studying days before the exam, finish their assignments and presentations as soon as it is allotted and enjoy the weekend without any stress. The second group of people are those who always wait for the last minute. They spend their weekends stressed, thinking of the pending work and become even more anxious as the deadline approaches.


                                    If you belong to the second group, then hear us out! We know that doing things last minute really boosts your creativity. You savour the rush of adrenaline, as it keeps you focused and brings out the best in you. We know that you must also be proud of your ability to finish your work within the short span of time. But, think about the toll it takes on your body.  Being constantly stressed or anxious can cause headaches, mood swings, affect your immune system and cause even more serious problems in the long term. Not to mention that insufficient sleep and staying up late at night is sure to mess up your biological clock.

                                    You must have vowed to yourself that you would never do things the last minute. But it has happened multiple times, isn’t it ? We have a solution for you! With Neorah Accomplish Planner 2023, make your year more productive and stress free.

Neorah vision Board Planner Images

                                  Atelier Neorah’s daily planner 2023 are here to boost your abilities and keep you organized. Start off with writing your vision for the year on the vision board. You can make the vision board, as creative and colorful as you want with color pens, stickers and so on.

Petite dated Planner 2023

                                        You can utilize the monthly spread of the planner 2023 by writing a quote for the month. This will motivate and drive you, every time you look at it. You can set goals for each month with your daily planner diary and note the important things that are to be completed. To make it more prominent and appealing, you can decorate your planner with stickers from Neorah. You can also note down the important tasks that are completed under each date, so you don’t forget it in your every day rush hour life and get overwhelmed as the deadline approaches.

Petite Planner Diary

                              In the weekly planner diary, start writing out the tasks to be accomplished. Make sure to create your own deadline, which is set in advance than the actual deadline. This creates what is called “Eustress”, which literally means good stress. It is beneficial for your overall performance and your health as well. It motivates you to be time efficient while also keeping you creative.

Neorah petite Habit Tracker Image

                                The best thing about Neorah 2023 dated planners is that they include a Habit Tracker wheel. It gives an over view of six months. So, you not just inculcate productive habits, but also see how consistent you have been over the six months. Track the habits that hamper your productivity with your planner diary and change yourself for the better. 

                                 As you successfully complete your tasks well on time, don’t forget to add that in your Accomplished and Grateful For sections, to boost your sense of gratitude and stay inspired. This will make you feel better about yourself and you will realise that the only person you have to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.

                                Don’t wait for the last minute or study the night before exams anymore! Finish it way ahead of time and enjoy your weekend with no stress whatsoever. Choose Neorah life planner to chase your dreams and make them come true!

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