Eat the Frog Productivity Hack with Neorah Planner

 Everyday is a good day, until you have to do a task that is both important and cumbersome. Our natural reaction in such cases is to put it off to what we believe will be a convenient time.

But what happens when we procrastinate on this important task? It starts weighing you down the whole day. Your mind is constantly wondering how you are going to complete it. Soon, it starts worrying about the consequences that will follow if you fail. This anxiety hampers your productivity and stops you from enjoying even the smallest thins that you like doing.

When you finally get down to do that important task, all the stress and guilt from procrastination exhausts you and prevents you from giving your best. The best way to overcome this by following the ‘Eat the Frog’ technique with your Planner.

What does eat the frog mean?

This a productivity method based on Mark Twain’s idea that if you eat a live frog first thing in the morning, then nothing worse can happen to you the rest of the day. Applying eating the frog to our daily lives, when we tackle the most important and dreaded task first thing in the morning, then the rest of day becomes worry free. This doesn’t necessarily have to be morning, you can also choose to do it in the evening, if you are a night person. The point is to complete it first when your energy levels are the highest and are able to focus on it completely.

It also sets a positive tone for the rest of the day and motivates you to complete the rest of the things on your to do list efficiently.

How to Follow this Method with the Neorah Planner?

Here are the detailed steps to apply this method:

  1. List your tasks

The first step to applying this method is to list down all the things that are to be done for the day in your to do list planner. The Neorah Daily Planner has a page for each day which makes it all the more convenient to write down everything in the planner instead of using an additional notebook.

  1. Identify and prioritize

The next step is to identify the most significant task for the day aka the frog. Once you have identified your frog, write it on the ‘Priorities’ tab on top of the Daily Planner page to highlight it. If you have two important tasks to attend to, focus on the bigger frog first. This can be identified based on certain criteria like- difficulty, goal, urgency and impact.

If you find this frog to be too big, you can also subdivide it on this 2024 planner diary for easier execution.


  1. Schedule


To ensure that the task is executed with full focus while managing time efficiently, use the time blocking method. The Neorah Weekly planner page has each day divided by the hour. Here, you can allot specific blocks of time, preferably in the morning, to your task and work on it uninterrupted/distracted.


  1. Time management

Check if you have left out other important events by referring to the monthly planner. Schedule it along with the other to dos in the weekly planner to stay productive for the rest of the day.

By consistently following this method with the Neorah 2024 Daily Planner, you can develop the habit of being proactive, progress significantly towards your goals and enjoy a productive life in both personal and profession spheres.


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