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                 Food is not just about satiating hunger. There is something more satisfying about it. Eating good food can instantly lift up your spirit and comfort you. Enjoying the food, you eat and finding food you enjoy is not just a hobby, it’s a passion. There is nothing that good food cannot solve. Feeling low? Order your favorite food! You will feel much better the moment you take your first bite. Feeling happy? Celebrate with good food and double your happiness! You cannot live a full life with an empty stomach. Now we know why Joey doesn’t share food!
                Being the foodie, I have expressed my love for food in this journal. You can do the same with  the following recipe to your favorite food blog journaling.
Ingredients required:
  • Stickers
  • Tweezers
  • Washi tapes
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Neorah Food Art Journal

What diet?

               Why diet, when you can be happy instead? It is not possible to be a food lover without loving street food. For some unfathomable reason, street food tastes much better than in fancy restaurants. The ambiance is also flamboyant and livelier than those quiet buffets and candle light dinners. The very sight and smell of street food entices you.
             I have been allured by street food since childhood. I would say Paani poori is my first love. I just cannot pass by a stall without having some. I bet I could have easily won Sharukh Khan in Rab Ne Bana De Jodi, if I were in Anushka Sharma’s place. Nevertheless, my love for Paani poori is unparalleled. Another popular food that has my heart is Samosas. Samosas are India’s most popular snack. They serve it everywhere from office functions to house parties. I have added stickers of other amazing street food like kachoris and chola poori.
             I would be committing a crime if I talk about good food and don’t add Biryani in my journal. You can tell it is Sunday if your whole house is aromatic. Biryani makes Sundays better. Weekends would be incomplete and gloomy if my mom doesn’t make Biryani. I have also added sticker of Rasagulla, my favorite dessert to have after a wholesome meal.
             You might wonder why I have added a sticker of curd rice. It might sound, simple and boring. But it has its own in comparable taste. Eating curd rice with pickle or potatoes is just pure bliss!
Art Journal Ideas

What happiness looks like!

                  If someone asks you what happiness looks like, just buy them food. Food encompasses the spirit of festivity. Usually, the days before the festival are much better than day of festival itself. There is so much eagerness as you are busy shopping and preparing. There is good food cooking in the kitchen. I have added stickers of sweets like Gulab jamun, Jalebi and Laddoo, the sweets that are mostly made during Indian festivals like Diwali. They are made in advance and stored in the kitchen, tempting you to steal a few now and then and eat them surreptitiously. This clandestine rendezvous with food tastes better
than when royally served on a plate.

               I have added a sticker of tea and samosa holding hands in the middle of my art journal . Tea and Samosa are Bffs that compliment each other. The best conversations happen over a cup of tea and a samosa. It can relieve any kind of stress. No matter how busy you are, take a break and make time for this pair to feel better. I have also added a Journal sticker of chapatis and paneer butter masala, the classic north Indian cuisine that should never be missed out in life. By now you must have understood, that food is the way to my heart!

Neorah Food Art Journal

Let’s eat!

                     Life is too short to count calories. Try new food and fall in love because food never disappoints. Donut, worry! Just eat and be happy!



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