How can I be more productive in 2023?

Neorah Petite dated Planner 2023

Neorah petite dated 2023

                            Habits can make or break a person. It is important to cultivate good habits in order to be productive and accomplish goals. The unuseful habits that we follow everyday like excessive screen time, unhealthy food habits, procrastination and lack of exercise can impact your success.

Neorah petite dated habit Tracker

Neorah petite dated planner passion tracker layout

                                      I recently got my hands on the 2023 dated planner from Neorah and the habit tracker wheel is the best part of it. You can inculcate good habits like waking up early, doing yoga and reading a few pages everyday, along with your routine. You can have an overall view of the habit tracker wheel for 6 months at a time and hence you can see how consistent you have been. Consistently writing down and building these small habits would indeed improve and change your life.

Neorah Petite planner 2023

Neorah petite Vision Board Images

                              I have already cut down on whiling away my time unnecessarily since I started using this planner  and I would highly recommend trying it.

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