How has your journal or planner changed your life?

                                I am a planner as well as a journal person and I like to keep both of these separate.

Neorah daily Planner 2023 Afterglow

                               Coming to the planner, it is something that I use on an everyday basis. I bought my Accomplish planner 2023 from Neorah when I felt too overwhelmed with the amount of work that I had to do and often kept procrastinating. I knew that I wasn't able to give my best, be it exams or assignments and mostly ended up doing only the bare minimum in the limited time that I ended up with.

A5 Daily Planner 2023

                                Since I started using my planner, I definitely feel a change in my lifestyle. I divided all my huge tasks, like my finals prep & project into small tasks for each day that I could complete and also feel good about. I could also see the habits that were hampering my productivity and I'm gradually replacing them.

Neorah daily Planner 2023

                                I also like ending each day by writing the things I have accomplished & the things to be grateful for. My planner Diary has definitely boosted my mental health and helped me develop a positive outlook.

Neorah Planner Diary

                               The journal on the other hand is something that holds all my thoughts and help me vent. It is like a friend whom we don't talk to everyday, but still share a special bond. I carry my Journal Diary from Neorah with me everywhere, to take quick notes, write my ramblings or even a quick poem. Sometimes. Out of nowhere, I pick my journal after days and start sketching or just doodling.

Neorah Journal Notebook

                              While a planner has helped me organise my life, my journal is my creative outlet.


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