How Neorah’s Habit Tracker can Transform your Life

What are habits?

                       Habits are the routines that we perform on an everyday basis. Our body and mind operate on repetitive routines and research shows that 40% of our daily activities comprises of habits.

                        Habits are the building blocks to success and they have the power to make or break a person. James Clear in Atomic Habits says “success is the product of daily habits- not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.” Habits like waking up early or learning a new skill may seem insignificant at the moment, but it is small habits that make a huge difference

 What is habit tracking?

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                        Habit tracking is a visual representation of your progress and consistency. Tracking a habit is very much important. When an activity is repeated, our brain adapts to it and turns it into a habit. For instance, we don’t stop to think about the way back home from work or school. Our brain does it on auto-pilot. Building a routine of productive and healthy habits is the way to achieving our goals.

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                         Though it might all seem intimidating in the beginning, new habits can be developed easily by a method called habit stacking, as mentioned in the Atomic Habits. Habit stacking is a process where a new habit is added on to an already existing habit to simplify the process. Identify a habit that you are already practicing.

                         For example, making time to read the newspaper every day, could be overwhelming amidst your busy schedule. Make it a point to read, along with your morning coffee instead. Day by day this will become a habit until eventually you are left with a nagging, incomplete feeling if you miss out a day.

                         A habit tracker can be an immense source of motivation. Sometimes habit tracker ideas like, shading or checking off habits off your tracker is all the motivation you need to complete your tasks for the day and keep going.

Advantages of Neorah’s Habit tracker :

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                            Neorah’s daily planners and weekly planners come with a habit tracker wheel which lets you track your habits along with your plans/schedule for the day in one go. The habit tracking planner is unique from the others that are available, as the tracker is in the form of a wheel.

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                    The tracker wheel lets you track and develop five productive habits at a time and you can follow up by ticking or shading your tracker with different colours. This consistent tracking keeps you in the loop and makes you accountable for your day-to-day activities, boosting you to change your life for the better.

                     The habit tracker planner has the habit tracking wheels of six months in page, so it is easy to see how far you have come and gauge your consistency at a glance. It gives you a vision and helps you become that healthy, productive and better version of yourself, that you dreamed of, by the end of the year.

                      Something as tremendous as changing your lifestyle and getting your life back on track can be done easily with a little persistence and motivation from best habit tracker planner 2023 from Neorah.

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