How to Boost your Mental Health with a Journal

Neorah Journal notebook

                                      Your mind is your home. We experience everyday life not just through the eyes, but also through what can be called as the mind’s eye. The mind is each of our private worlds and it is where we spend most our time. A happy life can be achieved only through a happy mind. But we must admit that not all our experiences are good and hence not all our thoughts are positive. But it is possible to manage our reaction to these experiences by staying connected with our inner self. The easiest way to do this is through journal writing.

Neorah Journal Writing ideas


                                   When we say the world “journaling” we usually picture a teenage girl, like Mia in ‘The Princess Diaries’, sitting by her window, and narrating her life starting with the words “Dear diary”. We would all have written a diary at some point in our lives. But we have lost touch with our inner self as we started adulating and got caught up with way too many responsibilities. The truth is, journaling is not just meant for adolescents. A journal notebook is your confidante with whom all your secrets can be confessed, without any fear of repercussion or judgement. A pen possesses a great deal of power. The moment you put your pen to a paper, the pen comes to life, unravelling your deepest thoughts, even those we were not aware of. It is a therapeutic process that every person can indulge in.

Neorah Journal ideas

                                    Here are some journal notebook ideas to begin your mental health journaling with Neorah’s classic journal:

Keep it handy!

                                   To reap the maximum benefits of mental health journaling, you need to make it an everyday routine. Keep your journal near you at all times. Begin your day by writing positive affirmations in your journal. You can also keep it in your night stand, so you can end your day by writing about the day’s events, your emotions and anything else that you have in your mind. Don’t forget to carry it with you in your backpack. You can write about anything that is bothering you in the course of the day and de clutter your mind.

Your journal is your best friend!

                                     Your journal is your best friend. Don’t hesitate to write about anything and everything. You also don’t have to worry about your language or your punctuation. Just let your thoughts flow! This technique is called the stream of consciousness. Write about everything you think of and eventually you will find what is bothering you.

Neorah Journal Image

Someone to lean on!

                                     A journal is someone you can lean and rely on. You cannot always share your emotions with your friends or family and that is where the journal comes in. You can express yourself by writing sentences like “I feel angry today..” or “I will really upset with..”. You can also make a pros and cons list before a big decision.  Analyse your emotions as you write and notice the cause. Find out the triggers so you can be guard and not let your emotions over power you. Vent out your negative emotions like anger and disappointment. Accept things that are beyond control and find joy in small things.

Get creative :

                                    There is no right or wrong way to use a journal. You can get creative as you like. You can sketch, draw, bujo in your Classic Journal from Neorah. You can also just doodle away on your journal, as that is also a creative outlet that helps with anxiety. Neorah’s Journal comes in A4, A5, B5, B6 and petite sizes. You can also pick either square, plain, ruled or dot grid rulings based on how you want to use it.

Neorah Journal ideas

Express your gratitude

                                       A journal is also a space for self -growth. Look at how far you have come and write about the things that you are grateful for. This will make you feel good about yourself and help you develop an optimistic outlook. Don’t forget to motivate yourself before any important event with sentences like “I can do it..” or “I am confident and well prepared..”. Use your journal to manifest your dreams and grow each day.

                                    Neorah’s journals bring order in a world of chaos. Use your dotted journal from Neorah to get to know yourself better. This journal notebook India is designed to be your best companion. A companion that would listen to everything that you have to say and boost your mental as well as your physical health.

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