How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Pouch?

Neorah Cosmetic Pouch
                             Make up and skin care are not just fun, they are our friends! They brighten up our day, make us spend quite a lot and we cannot bear to separate from them. So, enter: the Neorah cosmetic pouch that will organise all your essentials, take good care of your products and make your day easier.
                            Weekdays are chaotic in itself. Imagine having to hunt for that particular shade of foundation or that red lipstick before rushing out. It is definitely going to be a hectic start for the day. You need to organize all the makeup that are crammed in shelves, rolling in your hand bag or back pack and lying helplessly in the places where you forgot that you had left them.
                            There are innumerable cosmetic pouches that are available in the market and this blog will help you choose the best from what is out there. Here is what you need to keep in mind, before choosing a cosmetic pouch:

Know your needs!

                           Makeup lovers essentially belong to two categories. The first ones are the minimalists. They can get ready in a jiffy. Their skin care routine is simple: a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. They just put on some mascara and some lipstick and they are good to go.

                          The second ones are the maximalists. They enjoy doing an elaborate skin care routine with different exfoliators, serums, masks, essential oils and jade rollers. They also love to doll up with foundation, concealers, mascara, lashes, you name it.

Neorah Travel Makeup Pouch

                                    Neorah’s cosmetic pouch has got both these groups of people covered. It is a compact, small makeup pouch that is easy to carry anywhere. At the same time, it is very spacious and you will be surprised by the number of products this vanity pouch can hold.

Determine the size

                   Neorah Travel Cosmetic pouch Organiser

                                            Size plays an important role in choosing the right cosmetic pouch. If you are a student or an office goer who needs to carry their make up in their tote or handbag, then Neorah’s cosmetic pouch is your best friend. No more piling it all in your bag and getting frustrated when you look for something. You can carry your everyday essentials like your lipsticks, eye liner, tissues, perfume, grooming kit, men’s grooming kit and what not in your designated make up pouch bag, that will fit perfectly in your handbags and totes. It also has enough room to accommodate all the impulse purchases if you are a skincare/make up junkie.


                                         Doesn’t it break your heart when your products get jostled during travel and that beautiful cake of powder or eye shadow gets cracked or the glass shatters and spills expensive powder or fluids on other items. Worry about it no more. You can pack all the essential make up and skin care that you would need for a day out or vacation in your travel size make up pouch and fit it in your suit case with ease. It is travel friendly and does not weigh a lot.


Don’t compromise for quality

                                         Yes, you heard that right! It is important to buy a good quality cosmetic pouch. We all know that skin care and make up is expensive and we cannot afford to waste it. Neorah’s cosmetic pouch is lined with silk blend fabric that is luxurious and apt to preserve expensive make up, accessories and jewellery.

Neorah makeup Pouch

                                         When you carry your cosmetic pouch in your bag, it should not smear other important items in there like money, clothes, laptop or your phone.  As Neorah’s cosmetic pouch is spill proof, you can store as many liquid foundations and lipsticks as you like.

                                        Neorah’s vanity bag is handmade with double panelled vegan leather and YKK golden metallic close around zipper that is sustainable and will last a long time and endure every day wear and tear. This cosmetic kit bag is sturdy and firm which makes it ideal for travel. It is also versatile and can be used as a travel pouch to store your phone, charger, ear pods, I pod, power bank etc. This make up bag from Neorah is in vogue with a stylish appeal and comes in many exciting colors to suit your mood and occasions.

Makeup Pouch Colors

                                   With the Neorah multifunctional cosmetic pouch with you, you can keep all your essentials handy and look forward to getting ready for the day.


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