How to Have an Organised Work Space

Neorah desk mat

                             Your desk is your personal bubble where you work you plans, your goals, strategies and take the leap towards success. It is important to keep it organized to fuel your energy and create a positive impact.

                              Having to start your morning in a cluttered desk is a big- time mood spoiler. Sometimes it is also a reflection of the confusion in your mind and can make things seem out of control. Studies show that when your environment is de organised, it can cause an elevation in your cortisol levels, leading to stress and depression.

                              Here are simple ways to have an organised work space and put the chaos out of your sight and out of your mind:

  1. Organising your desk

Organising your desk

                           Organising your desk can make you feel empowered and excited to start with your work. It is a simple task that involves removing and replacing less used objects and maximizing space. To figure out which things are often used and which are not, perform a simple experiment before starting to clean up.

                            Move all the objects on your desk to one side. Start working. Notice the things that you use repeatedly and keep them on the other side of the table. At the end of the day, you have a pile that will stay and a pile that will be moving. Replace the less used objects to where they belong.

Laptop mat for desk

                         Time to pay attention to your desk! Try using a desk mat to make your desk look instantly professional. The desk mats from Neorah are handcrafted with vegan leather. Unlike the other desk mats available in the market, Neorah’s desk mats are dual sided, made of vegan leather on both sides with a perfect finish. This Laptop mat for desk is versatile and works as a mouse pad, writing pad and also for gaming. The desk mat is water proof and heat resistant, keeping your workspace clean and equipped. It comes with an eco-friendly portable desk mat, that lets you carry it everywhere and use it both at office and at home.

                            Keep only your essentials on your large desk pad like your laptop, mouse, mobile, your notebook or journal and a pen stand. If you feel, that having gadgets like your mobile on your desk, can be distracting, don’t hesitate to keep it away in a drawer till you are done.

      2.Organising your drawer

Organising your drawer

                          It is easy to throw every item that you come across in a drawer and forget about it for a while. But it is asking for frustration when you have to locate something important in that mess. Let’s purge our drawer and save ourselves the time and energy.

neorah utility pouch

                          Use a Travel organizer pouch to store all your utilities like different chargers, power bank, head phones etc. The Travel storage pouch from Neorah is a good investment. It is large and spacious with an inner silk blend lining that protects all your valuables. It has a mesh wall compartment, that keeps all small belongings safe and separate. It is elegant and functional and works as both as a utility pouch and a vanity pouch.

neorah pen pouch

                           Collect all the papers lying around and organise them in a file. You can use the Vegan leather pen pouch from Neorah to store all your stationery. This pencil bag pouch is compact yet spacious to store numerous pens, pencils and brushes, making your workspace more functional.

      3.Organise your day

                                            You can also organise your day at work by using a Daily Planner. Start your day by making a physical list of tasks to be completed, highlighting your priorities and prepping for the day ahead. Using a paper planner is more efficient than taking mental notes or using digital devices that can distract you from your task.

organised draw

                            Getting organised is like lifting a weight off your shoulder as the chaos and confusion before you line up to give a clear picture.  Stay on top of your game by organising and achieving with Neorah.

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