How to Start a Travel Journal

A travel journal is a notebook that holds your stories, experiences, feelings and in short some of the important chapters of your life.  In the age of quick selfies and Instagram posts that are too soon forgotten, Travel Journals are an eternal way to commemorate your travels
The Wanderlust Journal from Neorah is perfect for you to take up travel journaling and record your memories. It looks elegant with the vegan leather wrap around band and its B6 size makes it perfect to take along in your tote, sling or backpack. Its pages are 125gsm thick, making it compatible for sketching, writing or even doing a bujo with pictures about your favorite trip.

Why start a travel journal? 

If you had watched the Pixar movie “UP”, you must already be convinced to begin your own Adventure Book by now. Travel Journals serve as a tangible record of the memories and experiences that you value. It is the best way to open up to the world and make each trip meaningful.
Starting a travel journal can be therapeutic as it lets you slow- down from your hectic routine and recollect happy memories. It makes you more mindful of your surroundings and helps you learn more about yourself and grow through all the experience that you gain.


How to start a travel journal

  1. Prepare for your trip


You don’t have to wait till you go on a trip to begin travel journaling. There are many Travel Journal Ideas. You can also use it to prepare and build the excitement for your trip. You can begin by planning the things to pack, writing about your expectations for the trip, making a bucket list and writing down the things you want to do like visit new places, taste the local food and other popular activities.

  1. Use on the spot

You can also use your travel journal book on the spot. Make a sketch or describe vividly about the sights, sounds and smells around you in detail. Unlike memories that tend to fade away from the mind, this record of the sensory experience will stay in your notebook for you to re- experience it whenever you need, in detail.

  1. Personal experience

You can also use your Travel Diary to give a personal account of the moments that moved you, surprised you, about the new exposure you gained, people you met and use it for personal growth.

  1. Record memories

You can continue with travel journaling, once you are back from your trip too. Collect mementos from your trip like tickets, currencies, photos etc. Jot down and treasure those memories that are not to be forgotten. Even if you haven’t visited any place off late, you can build your travel journal around the places you want to visit and make the most out of your everyday adventures.

It is always the little details that bring a lot of happiness. Store this happiness at your fingertips with the wanderlust journal from Neorah.

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