How to Style Yourself Based on Your Aura

Neorah Tote bags black


Neorah Tote bags after glow

                           How do we usually pick a bag? We pick a bag that matches our outfit or we pick a bag that matches the shoes. Have you considered picking a bag that matches your aura? Of course, we are all for the classic black bags and white bags that go well with any outfit. But matching with your aura will give you a boost of energy. It will make you more confident, feel better about yourself and let you be in your element all day. It will also make your wardrobe more attractive by adding a pop of color to the monochrome.

                     Before you decide to match with your aura, you need to find a bag that will suit your needs.

Tote Bags for women

                          If you are looking for a bag that will carry your world from laptop and charger to lipstick and a snack, then Tote Bags for women are your soul mates.

cross body box bags

                               If you need a bag for a casual day out with minimal essentials, then consider our Elegantly structured, stylish and spacious, Eleanor- cross body box bags.

Envelope sling bag

                             Meet Emma- our Envelope sling bag, a large clutch with adjustable shoulder straps. Envelope sling bags are trendy and organized with several card slots and compartments for everyday necessities.

Sling bags for women

                                  For a sleeker and compact version, check out our Ella- Sling bags for women.

                                Our Vegan leather bags are handcrafted with minute attention to details. Each compartment and slot in the wallet are double paneled to ensure durability and lined on the inside with silk blend material to protect your valuables and pull off a luxurious finish.

                     Found your perfect bag? Let’s browse through the colors:

  1. Blue

tote bags for women blue

                                 This bag compliments you and your energy perfectly well, making you look cool, calm and confident. Shine bright and do all that your heart desires with this blue-tiful bag.

      2. Dark blue

Sling bags for women dark blue

                         True to your aura, this bag will make you look smart and intelligent. You are independent and brimming with energy and this bag is all set to fuel your passion.

     3. Lavender

cross body box bags lavender

                                   A lovely, dreamy lavender bag for all the dreamers. Your purple aura indicates that you are filled with lots of dreams and hopes. You will find this bag giving you all the support you need to walk confidently towards them.

    4. Pink

Envelope sling bag pink

                                 Pink bags for the sweethearts! You are bubbly, uplifting and make everyone’s day better. Get ready to look pretty in this pink bag and watch people flock to you.


cross body box bags Green

cross body box bags light Green

                         People with a green aura, pick your favorite shade of green bag and rock your day. You are calm, composed and have high aspirations in life. This bag, just as you, can strike the perfect balance between work and casual.

     6. Teal

Sling bags for women teal

                                We know you like to have a new outlook in everything and hence this trendy and unique bag is made just for you. Exude positivity and happiness wearing this super comfortable bag.

      7. Yellow

Tote Bags for women  yellow

                             People with yellow auras are born leaders. You inspire and motivate people with your abilities. You need a bag that is warm and radiant as you are, to keep inspiring all those around you.

      8. Orange

Sling bags for women orange

                                Hey daredevils, this bag is vivid and outgoing, just like you! The perfect bags for each of you who are sociable and the center of attention everywhere.

    9. Red

Tote Bags for women red

                                    Bold and beautiful bags! These bags represent your passion, your drive and the power you possess. Don’t back down on any adventure, we’ve got your bag-ck!

     10. Brown

Tote Bags for women brown

                              An earthy and down to earth bag. For someone who plans all their moves in life, you will find this bag sturdy and practical for all occasions.

                             Whether you believe in auras or not, choosing a bright colored bag will make a striking statement and your day brighter too. Choose the well -made tote bags and sling bags from Neorah to stay smart, stylish and organized, all day and every day.


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