How to Use a Blackout Journal

      Blackout journal                  A Blackout Journal is a journal that is made of black pages instead of the usual white. Like a regular journal it can be used to for everyday journaling, planning or creating but the whole experience is made unique and exceptional owing to the color and thickness of the pages.  A lot of colors and techniques don’t show up on black paper and it forces you to break away from what you usually do and explore.

                    At the same time, Black paper journals are very easy to use. Black journals hold the power to enhance everything you do, hence even a simple doodle or layout with the right combination or instrument can look striking.

black paper journal

Blackout Journal

                      The Blackout Journal from Neorah is one of the best that is available out there. It is made of vegan leather and embossed with an elegant golden logo. It has a sturdy back pouch to store your stickers, bills, pictures etc.

                      Its papers are truly black and not mere shades of grey as often found in other brands. The dots are in a subtly grey shade which makes it apt for journaling and sketching. It is buttery smooth and 250 GSM thick, making it compatible with different pens, sketches and also paints.

What can you do with black journal?

       Here are some interesting Black Paper Journal ideas:

  1. Pen test

                   Looking at a blank journal, especially when it is new and unique, it can be a little intimidating to think of different black journal ideas. Start getting comfortable with your journal by beginning with a pen test or washi tape swatch.

                    You can try different stationary like gelly roll pens, brush pens, metallic brush pens, white pens, white charcoal, metallic ink, acrylics gouache, pencil crayon etc. You can also try different swatches of washi tapes and see how each looks on black paper. This will help you understand the quality of the paper and come up with different ideas.

       2.Daily Journal

black paper journal ideas

                         Like any regular journal, blackout journals are great for everyday journaling. You can recap your day or also use journaling prompts like “Letter to your future self” or “things that make happy” etc. to get into the habit. You can journal with different color pens; doodle away, use stickers or just use plain old white pen and you will be surprised by how even simple things can look fantastic.

      3.Mood tracker

black paper journals

                      Mapping out your emotions and tending to your mental health can also be made interesting with black paper journals. You can make mood trackers with different themes for each day or even month and make the process more pleasurable.


Black Paper Bullet Journal

                      Black Paper Bullet Journal is a great idea. Bullet journaling gives you the freedom and flexibility to be creative while also planning and organizing your life. You can make monthly spreads, weekly spreads, track your goals, journal your day etc. Black bullet journal ideas like even making to do lists for each day can be a creativity infused habit.

     5.Memory journal

black paper journal idea

                         A blackout journal can be used as a memory journal that has bits and pieces of your life. You can stick polaroid, souvenirs, mementos, any flowers that you got or collected and write about special memories.  It is a special way to treasure and immortalize memories from your childhood, vacation, time with a loved one or any random happy memory. As the pages are thick, you can also use it as your very own photo album.

      6.Sketching and painting

Black Journal

                         A black journal is a great way to play with colors and grow as an artist. This journal will make any art work of yours look more professional and stunning. It will also let you slow down and enjoy the process along with the output. You can make portraits with pen, ink or charcoal. You can also use neon colors, metallic, pastels and make florals, anime, landscapes, illustrations etc that will be a class apart.


creating with blackout journal

                Lettering or calligraphy can be practiced on black journals. You can write different quotes or sayings that you like and use it as an affirmation journal.

                 There is no limit to the possibilities of creating with blackout journal. Black out journals give you a break from conventional journaling and help you see common things in an uncommon perspective.

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