How to Use the Yearly Planner?


The yearly layout is most often the first thing that greets us when we begin to use the planner. It’s no ordinary layout but holds the power to take control and shape the future that lies ahead. When used properly, it can be great guide in directing your journey towards a goal.



While many brands only offer monthly calendars in place of the yearly planner, Neorah provides an elaborate layout with individual tabs for each day of the year. It has monthly tabs and dates on either side of the page for efficient and proper organisation. The weekends in the year are also thoughtfully highlighted in peach so you can plan a trip, chores or other details accordingly.

The notes space below the monthly tabs also comes in very handy during planning and writing. Highlight something important, set a reminder or add some fun element by doodling or use it as a space to celebrate achievements.

The yearly layout with its unique overall perspective is versatile at its best. Here are a few different ways to use it:

  1. Scheduler


Scheduling and managing tasks can be done with ease using the yearly planner. Amidst numerous tasks and chores that we encounter each day, sometimes we overlook the one that is most significant. With the daily tabs in the layout, you can highlight the one most important task that is not to be missed. Similarly, the notes space can highlight the one most important task for the month.

Without the hassle of rummaging through the weekly or monthly planner, the yearly pages of the Accomplish planner present all the important information in a single glance.  


2. Event Marker


The year planner can be used as a space to note down all the memorable and special events that like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or get togethers that you wish to remember.


3. Progress Tracker



The Yearly planner can be a road map tracking your progress and milestones for the year. Its layout is very helpful in visualising and setting timelines to achieve a goal. As the year unfolds, tracking your progress and making adjustments in the daily planner also becomes easy.

 The yearly page is also very useful for professionals to mark new ventures or projects in their professional life or for students to chart out their exam schedules, research phases and so on.


4. Mood Tracker


By adopting a means of representation like colour code or emojis, the yearly index can be used as an effective mood tracker. The overall yearly index in the planner diary offers a nuanced perspective of one’s emotional well-being and helps to identify patterns and triggers.


5. Health Tracker



This layout is also advantageous to those who wish to take their goal of staying fit and active a step further.  Record your everyday step count in the daily tabs for a holistic perspective of your physical activity. It can also be used to monitor other health conditions to develop a proactive approach to self- care.


6. One Word Diary

Jotting your everyday experience in a word is a unique way to use the Neorah planner. It captures the essence of all your emotions and enables you to look back at their year in a snap.


The yearly layout in the daily planner diary is designed for beyond just planning. It also a personal journal carrying dreams, goals and memories of everyday hustle. To use the yearly pages is, not just to note down tasks. It is all about embracing the determination and motivation to look & move ahead.

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