Is a daily planner or a weekly planner better?

                                    To be honest, it entirely depends on you! Based on your day to day life and the way you organize yourself, you can pick a suitable layout. I have used both these planners from several brands and Neorah's Accomplish planner is my personal favorite.

Neorah A5 Daily Planner 2023

                                  If you are someone who doesn't write much, then the weekly planner 2023 is the one for you. Neorah's weekly spread has a column dedicated to each day of the week and the space is optimal to note down your tasks & schedules. It also has space to highlight the priorities for the week, positive Affirmations & a habit tracker.

A5 Weekly planner 2023

                                  I use a Daily planner 2023 because I like to plan my day in detail and sometimes even write about my day or make an elaborate schedule. If this sounds like you, then go for a daily planner.

                                 The Daily planner spread from Neorah has Priorities and Affirmations, so I begin each day with motivation and drive myself to complete my goal for the day.

Neorah A5 daily layout 2023 planner

                                 What I like about these planners is that they come with space for writing Accomplishments and things to be Grateful for. This makes it not only a productivity planner but also a journal that is mindful of your mental health.

Hourly Planner 2023

                                  The Daily planner set from Neorah comes with an Hourly planner 2023 that can also be bought separately. You can plan your day by the hour and carry it everywhere you go. This is super helpful for me when I'm having a hectic day or when I have exams/assignments coming up, that demand my entire focus. If you are a professional who needs to manage your day by the hour, this hourly planner is your best friend!

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