Is Free Really Free ?



  The very word “free” or “freebies” ignites a spark of excitement in all of us. This anticipation of getting multiple products or services has an unavoidable allure. We have seemingly generous offers everywhere and we often end up buying a product for the freebies itself.

  Let’s look into the planner market, for instance. The hype to get the perfect daily planner is increasing each year and many brands are coming up with free goodies to attract users. These freebies include stickers, calendars, bookmarks and even a pair of scissors. They are with no doubt cute, aesthetic enough to kick in the FOMO in all of us. It’s raining offers, trying hard to convince us that we are getting more than we have paid for.



But are these freebies really free?

  We know that no seller ever solely operates on the principle of altruism. So, let’s try to put aside the aesthetics and focus on the cost. When you really think about it would dawn on you that free actually comes with a price tag and that maybe you are even paying more than what it is worth.



How to make informed decisions as a customer?

  1. Make sure that the planner meets your particular requirements. Go through all the layouts and analyse if it is something that would help you genuinely in the long term. Check out the freebies too and ensure that they add value to your purchase.
  1. Keep track of your budget. Freebies are a distraction that can lure you to spend more than you originally intended.
  1. Don’t compromise when it comes to quality. Check all details involved in the making of the product like the material used, binding method, paper thickness etc as it has to withstand continuous use throughout the year.
  1. Compare other alternatives in the market when you buy your planner 2024. What seems like a great deal at the moment might not be very exceptional when compared to other brands in the market.


What’s special about Neorah?


  In a world where we are overwhelmingly surrounded by offers, we at Atelier Neorah choose to sell at the actual price with no hidden agendas. The perks of selling planner accessories or so- called freebies separately is that the product becomes more budget friendly for all and offers exactly what the customers are looking for. We make each of our product with abundant care for utmost functionality and that is one of the many reasons why our products are consistently bought and used over the years by our customers.
  You will find no seasonal offers or an illusion of freebies from us. We believe in quality over quantity and that makes all the difference.

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