Journaling to Cope with OCD

                        Living with OCD is quite a challenge. The mind is carried away by persistent and disturbing thoughts and urges that cannot be easily dismissed. It can look simple on the outside like double checking locked doors, being hygienic or a tad insomniac. But these outward expressions usually stem from deep rooted fears.

                       The person who seems to be extra cautious could be harboring a fear of getting harmed. Some people fear contaminating a deadly disease and are pushed to the extent of staying secluded from people. The insomniac would often spend sleepless nights, overthinking, having self-doubts, and analyzing every conversation that he/she has had so far. This not only affects the physical and emotional well- being of that person but also the relationships that the person holds with others.

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                       These worries churning through the mind can bring a lot of stress and anxiety, hence most people repeat some activities like washing hands, organizing, counting to a certain number or seek constant reassurance. These are called compulsions and they differ based on each person’s fears and triggers. Performing these compulsions do not bring any long-term relief but just ease the tension momentarily.

                       The person affected might very well understand that their obsessions are irrational but would be unable to stop themselves. Hence it is important to be compassionate and kind to yourself.  A journal can be a trusted partner to share and process your thoughts through your journey. Here are some Mental Health Tips to use your journal to cope with OCD:

  1. Brain dump 

                       Putting your thoughts on paper, gives you that much needed distance from your worries and obsessions. A Mindfulness Journal can help you relieve yourself of the emotional burden and gain some insight into the pattern of your behaviour, your triggers and work through it.  Writing down your obsessions on your journal notebook and why you think that is invalid will let you find the reassurance within yourself.

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                      The Classic Journal from Neorah handcrafted with the finest quality vegan leather and buttery smooth paper of 100 GSM gives you the best journaling experience. The paper which works with many writing instruments, does not bleed or feather. It is completely lay flat which makes it comfortable for you to pour out your mind with no restrictions.

                       It comes with label and spine stickers that helps you organize and archive your journals for you to understand, embrace and grow through your journey.

      2. Exposure :

                      Exposure journaling is listing out your fears and gradually exposing yourself to them until you feel comfortable not performing the associated compulsion.

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                        For instance, if your trigger is touching door knobs and you wash your hands at least 5 times after, you can use your journal to reveal to yourself, your fears behind it and why you think that is invalid.

                         The next time you touch a door knob, make some time delay after you perform the compulsion the first time. Increase it to 10 minutes, 15 minutes and so on till you are comfortable without doing it.

      3. Distraction 

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                                    Journaling can also be a great way to take a mental break from your thoughts and focus on something else. You can use your Journal notebook to write about any good thing that happened during your day leaving out the triggers, you can write down affirmations that are comforting when you re read them, you can journal your gratitude to change your negative thoughts into positive ones or you can just sketch or paint to relax.

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                        A journal can be a great source of comfort. Using a journal, day by day, you will learn to acknowledge your thoughts as simply thoughts. To just let the thoughts, pass through your mind and not let it affect or define who you are.


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