We all know that junk journaling can be used as a travel journal, a wedding journal, a memorabilia and so on. My journal on the other hand is an expression of my dreams. I thought of the things that I loved, the things that are in my bucket list and turned it into art.



Here are the things required to start your very own vintage Bujo :

  • Stickers or clippings from newspapers or magazines
  • Washi tapes
  • Scissors
  • Gum
  • Any flowers that you would like to preserve and add beauty to your art

Neorah Art Journal Ideas

Find your joy!

                  To begin junk journaling, you need to find your source of joy. For me it was Paris! Who doesn’t love Paris? Paris is the city of love, the city of fashion and a paradise for food lovers. Going to Paris is something is on top of my bucket list and so the main theme of this journal.

                   I started off with a beautiful quote that says “There is more to love”  that I found in a magazine. Life always offers new things to fall in love with each day. It could be your job, it could be travelling, the new friends you make, the list is endless..

                   Then comes the star of my dreams- The Eiffel Tower. Pasting this sticker invigorated my dream to visit the magnificent place, watch it light up at night and have dinner watching the beautiful sight.

                    I have also pasted a sticker of The Big Ben. The Big Ben has been a part of my life, ever since childhood, starting from all the nursery rhymes that I learnt about the majestic clock.  Someday I am going to be there on New year’s eve, chant the countdown and cheer as the clock announces the beginning of New year.

 The pretty stalk of Baby’s breath is the cherry on top!

 How to preserve flowers?

                  . Are you the kind of person who does not have the heart to throw away the beautiful flowers that you receive? Add it to your journal and make it aesthetic

                  Pick up your favorite flower and paste it in any where you like on your journal with a washi tape. Don’t worry about any plant moulds on your journal. When you close your journal, the flowers are tightly sealed and this prevent moisture from entering it.

Art Journal Ideas

Don’t be afraid to express your emotions!

                   The left page of my Art journal is pre dominated by butterflies. Butterflies are not just pretty insects. They symbolize something more significant- Freedom! Butterflies represent my desire to fly away and embrace freedom. I have also pasted a saying about the Butterfly Effect. I admire the idea that small things can have a huge impact in life.

                   Finally, I posted a clipping with symbols of the Sun, the Moon and a portrait of a young lady. This picture spoke volumes to me that the world is mine to explore and within my reach!

Neorah Art Journaling Ideas

Wrapping up

                          A picture is worth a thousand words. Choose pictures that you relate with and go ahead with the flow. Your journal will soon be your prized possession that tells the story of you and your life.





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