Much Ado About Exams- The Best Planner for Students and Learners. How to Organize and Excel at your work?

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                             Exam fever is a real thing folks! We live in a competitive world where a person’s ability is judged by the marks that is scored in an exam. We have all seen quotes saying “a sheet of paper cannot decide your future”, but deep down you know it is important and that is why there is so much fuss about exams.

                             You have been giving exams all your life, perhaps since the time you realized that you hate going to school and your parents dropped you there as you kept wailing. But competitive exams are nothing like those mandatory school exams. It is not just enough to pass; you have to score really well to be able to learn your desired course in your dream college or to get that dream job.

                              Fear not! You can ease your exams by getting a head start with Neorah’s Accomplish planner. Your planner diary will be your best friend during this time. The planner layout is meticulously designed to enable efficient planning and organizing. Accomplish comes in both dated and undated versions. The months are laid out in a square checked pattern with ample space to sketch your plans. With Accomplish planner 2023 you can organise your day and organize your life very effectively. Here are some study planner ideas to help you in the preparation process.

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Test yourself!

                        Don’t forget to revise! By the end of a week, revise everything that you had learnt so far. Making flow charts will help you grasp the topic quickly and is also time efficient. Make plans with your study planner to take up tests and practice previous year question papers in the weekend. This will be your weekly goal. This practice is a game changer, trust me guys! It is the key to boost your confidence. The greater number of tests you take up, the more confident you will be about your preparation. Analyze your strength and weakness and work more on your weak areas. With your study planner diary, you can decide how much time you want to allot for each subject and manage your time efficiently as you do this.

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Stay balanced!

                           Some of you might be going to schools/colleges and you will need to strike a balance between both. Note down and highlight the important things that pop up in the “To do “list in your daily planner diary. This will help you organize your priorities, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. You can strike a balance between both the spheres of your life by organizing your priorities and getting through them one by one.

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It’s okay to take a break!

                       Don’t listen to those who say that taking a break is a distraction. Research has proved that taking a 10-15 break every hour, will refresh your mind. So, go ahead and listen to your favorite song or munch a snack with no guilt and get back with renewed energy.

                        You can also take longer breaks during the day after you accomplish a set goal. Use this time to follow your passion. Write down things that you are passionate about in the passion tracker like gardening, musical instruments or reading books. Indulge in your passion so you don’t feel too bored or hectic. Remember that exams are just a part of your life, not your whole life.

Health is wealth!

                       Don’t ignore your body while you put so much effort to train your mind.  Eat healthy food. Go for a walk or exercise. A healthy body = happy mind.

                        Also, avoid eating out a week before your exam so you don’t unexpectedly fall sick. Taking good care of your health, will keep you focused and energetic to do your best work.

Success is a step away!

                       Last but not least, don’t stress yourself the day before exam. Trust the preparation and planning that you have done with your exam planner and do not fret about the results. Reach the exam center well on time to avoid anxiety.  Stay calm. You’ve got this!


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