Neorah Accomplish Planner

                  Are you the kind of person who likes to get a head start and never fails to plan ahead? Neorah has got you covered! Don't let your dreams be dreams. Give them wings and turn them into reality with our ACCOMPLISH planner . This is the ultimate planner that you need to plan your wok and work your plan. With our monthly, weekly and daily planner, you can envision and enhance your game plan and shoot your goal.

                    ACCOMPLISH provides the utmost sophistication as it is handcrafted with European Vegan Leather and has 200 smooth pages of 120GSM thickness. It includes color coordinated Silk Lycra Elastic closure, 3 silk blend page markers, a spacious back pouch

                  NEORAH ACCOMPLISH PLANNER and an attachable pen loop Holder that makes it a perfect place to hold your thoughts, ideas and plans for the future.

Neorah Accomplish planner

                        Unlike the other journals on the market, ACCOMPLISH come with 24 pages for 12 months and 3 extra blank pages each month for unrestricted writing and to pour your heart and mind on paper. Our planner starts with a vision board to help you take your first step towards success and set monthly goals.

                           It also includes a monthly health tracker to keep track of your doctor appointments and check ups so that health, your greatest wealth, never fails to remain your priority. It also contains a TO DO list wherein you can highlight the important tasks for the day like details of meetings, appointments, get together, payment details, targets and other important plans.

                           With the habit tracker you can spot all the habits that set you back, inculcate new, fruitful habits and become the best version of yourself. You can also re ignite your passion to learn new things, venture different arenas and explore new places with the built in Passion tracker

Neorah Accomplish Planner

                              ACCOMPLISH is at its versatile best. It has a dedicated Budget tracker to keep trail of your expenses and make an efficient savings plan. It offers a log to note down passwords and important dates like birthdays, meetings, anniversaries another occasions. Finally, the planner's 'Year In Review' aids you to analyze your growth, celebrate small victories, be grateful for your accomplishments and plan a better year ahead.

                            You can also present your loved ones, our ACCOMPLISH planner with our free gift case and give them the power to focus and indulge in the process of conquering limits and reaching great heights.


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