Perks of using a Time Block Planner

                        Be it work or school, some days are particularly overwhelming. The list of to- dos keep piling and so does the anxiety to complete it on time. But unfortunately, instead of diving into action right away, the stressed mind decides to take unnecessary breaks, knowing very well that precious time is being lost.

                       There is a different case scenario but with the same end result. There is a lot of time left to complete a simple task at hand. But rather than completing the task asap, our brain being aware of the abundance of time, goes into a lethargic, slumber mode. We end up doing that simple task all day and complete it only in the last hour when the adrenaline kicks in owing to the fast- approaching deadline.

                      The unproductivity in both the cases is due to the lack of planning. A proper and detailed action plan is all that is needed to push us into completing our tasks well on time and keep us from getting distracted or procrastinating.

hourly planner 2023

               The Hourly planner from Neorah can be a game changer in this case. The planner features each day of the week that is divided by the hour from 4 am to 1 pm in vertical slots. In place of making an overall to do list for the day, this hourly planner can be used to schedule the day by the hour.

             When you are having a hectic day and feel like you are in want of time, use the time blocking technique with the hourly planner diary. Research has shown that following this technique makes you more efficient and less stressed.

daily hourly planner 2023

                        Divide your day into blocks of time in your Daily hourly planner 2023 and allot your tasks to each block. Make sure to add in some downtime to relax so the schedule doesn’t look too overwhelming by itself. This well thought out form of planning helps to focus on one task at a time and work through the rest at a steady pace. It can be very well used to create pseudo deadlines which will be a driving force to complete the task in just the right amount of time, eliminating all distractions. The rest of the day can be used in any other productive manner as desired.

hourly planners 2023

                        The A6 size Hourly planner 2023 makes it perfect to be carried everywhere and stay prepared for anything that comes in the way. Embrace the power of time management and stride towards growth and progress each day with Neorah Planner.

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