Season of Mirth

                     Neorah Art Journal
                       Why do we indulge in art? Art is a form of happiness. It is therapeutic. I find joy in collecting vintage stamps and using them in my art Journal . It adds a realistic touch to my work. It also transports me to another world. A world of my own making, a world that revolves around me and one that I can I reign with my imagination, the be all and end all of my life.
                       To create this journal spread, here are the things you need to gather to create your own world.
  • Stickers, clippings from newspapers or magazines, vintage stamps
  • Washi tapes
  • Scissors
  • Gum
  • Any flowers that you would like to preserve and add beauty to your art

         Art Journal Ideas


Unlock Your Treasure

                             picked out a few of my favorite stamps from my treasure trove and pasted it on my journal. These stamps are from the classic city of London. I have pasted a clipping with butterflies from a vintage magazine and also added a butterfly sticker. I was flying through the streets of London, fluttering through the Buckingham Place, like a beautiful butterfly in my mind.

                         I have also added a letter from my dear old diary to enhance the aesthetic effect.

Manifest Your Dreams

                       "I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will."

                        How can my dreams of London not involve my favourite fictional character- Jane Eyre ? I have added a picture that perfectly matched the image of Jane Eyre that I had in my head.

                       This is followed by the best stamp that I own. A stamp addressed to Santa, in the North Pole about a wish letter for Christmas. I would give anything to get on a train to the North Pole, like in the Polar Express movie and receive my gift from Santa himself.. My heart still leaps with joy when I look at someone dressed as Santa. The mirth, excitement and anticipation for Christmas is still not lost on me .

Art Journal 180 GSM

                       I have included one of my very own letters to Santa from my childhood for a more personalized effect. I have attached a quote that says “There are lots of people out there but the only one I like is you “Christmas is my person!” It lights up my house, my spirit and my life.

                        Last but not the least, I taped a Daisy that I had been preserving that ties the whole theme together.


Winding up!

Neorah 180 GSM Art Journal

                     Don’t be afraid to personalize your journal. Add details from your life, connect with it and make it your own! Hope you have fun ! I know I did !

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