Shades of Happiness in Bijou Women’s Wallets


                             What would we do without our wallets? They are saviors who hold us together, keeping our essentials handy and bringing some form of order into the disordered world around us. They not only play the important role of preserving our valuables or organizing the chaos in our hand bags or totes but also go hand in hand to make a fashion statement.

                        Neorah Bijou ladies wallet is by all means designed to be your trusty accessory. It is sustainability in action as it is made of Vegan Leather. It has 2 large wall compartments, 2 webbed compartments and a coin pocket in the middle which provides enough room to store all your essentials. With Bijou womens wallet in your hand, you no longer have to hunt for your cash or cards through your tote or handbag. You also don’t have to stash them in your jean pockets, which is nothing less than a Bermuda Triangle, where all your money just mysteriously disappears at the end of the day.

                       Bijou wallet is not like the other wallets in the markets that have only a single panel of leather. Bijou slim wallet is an embodiment of functional luxury as it is double paneled with Vegan Leather. Each panel is handmade separately and stitched together to make one side wall. This way it is sturdy, lasts long and worth every penny you spend. Its compartments are lined with Silk Blend fabric. It is enclosed with a gold toned, Japanese metal Ykk zipper that is highly durable. So, Bijou is all set to be your companion and a long-term fashion partner. It comes with a detachable wristlet that elevates its versatility. By using the wristlet, you can stay hands free while also looking chic and fashionable.

                       This amazing wallet now comes in many vibrant colors to suit your different

                       purse-nalities. They perfectly compliment different occasions and enhance your outfits. Get your dose of happiness and perk your mood with the bright colored wallets from Atelier Neorah.

  • Radiant red


                          Red is a symbol of passion. This radiant wallet is a perfect side kick for all the dare devils who turn heads as they make an entrance. Take this bold wallet with you when you go for a party, hangout or a vacation and flaunt your confident personality.

  • Gleam with green

Green Leather Women's Wallets

                                 Women are sometimes angels, sometimes hell raisers but always strong. This sporty wallet will bring out your optimistic and fun side. Take this wallet with you everywhere you go and dare to be a pop of color in this black and white world.

  • Stellar blue

blue zip around wallets for women

                          All the bold divas out there, this brilliant wallet is all you need by your side as you take on the world. Drive away your Monday blues by accessorizing with this stellar blue wallet. It is intense, inspiring and incredible, just as you are!

  • Bold in black

Black Bijou Women's Wallets

                               This wallet is elegance re defined. Whether you are a student or a working woman, rock all your formal outfits with this exquisite wallet. This also the ultimate accessory for all high-end parties and meetings.

  • Vivid brown

Brown Women's Wallets

                               Warm, suave and dashing. These are the qualities that define this wallet and the women who choose it. This wallet is versatile. You can pair it with both your formal and informal outfits to achieve that smart look. It is the perfect addition to your wardrobe to look classy with less effort.

  • Afterglow


                                     True to its name, this wallet is stately and glows in all its grandeur. It is the perfect minimalistic addition to all your formal outfits. It can also perfectly complement your big day as a bridesmaid or your ethnic dresses in all the big Indian weddings.

  • Sun kissed yellow

yellow Neorah Women's Wallets

                             This wallet is made so you can carry your own sunshine. It is a gorgeous addition to all your basic outfits. Grab this vibrant wallet every time you head out and radiate positivity all the way.

  • Pretty in pink

Pink Leather Women's wallets

                             You can never get tired of owning this stunning pink wallet. It is a beautiful accessory that suits many occasions like meetings, casual get together and all your special occasions. So go ahead and look your absolute best!

  • Purple blossom

purple Leather Wallets For Women's

                  This wallet comes in a beautiful shade of purple. It is going to be your favorite in no time and fetch you loads of compliments. Elevate your everyday style by accessorizing with this wallet.

  • Dreamy blue

Blue Leather Women's Wallets

                      This wallet is everything you have dreamed off. It is in a beautiful pastel color that is suitable for all seasons. Pair it up with your pretty summer dresses or your warm winter clothes and pull off that sophisticated look.

  • Mystic orange

Neorah orange Leather Women's Wallets

                        Bijou orange wallet is every bit as fiery and flamboyant as you are. It can make any ordinary day, fun and exciting. It is all set to spruce up and accompany you on your many adventures.

  • Sporty green

Green Wallets For Women's

                             This wallet is specially made for all those who like to stand out from the crowd and make a fashion statement. It is cool and sassy. With this wallet in your hand, every day will be your runway!

  • Glitzy teal

Teal Zip Around Wallets For Women

                             Give your wardrobe a makeover with this scintillating teal wallet. Don’t forget to take it with you on your vacation or a fun day out, as this wallet will definitely jazz things up!

                              Bijou wallet for women will be your partner as you turn your cants into cans and dreams into plans. Buy Bijou women’s wallet online and carry confidence in your arms all day.

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