Side By Side, Hand In Hand, Always With You - NEORAH Pencil Pouch!

 Neorah Pencil Pouch

                        As humans, we are all prone to attachment. We get attached to things because they stand as reminders of the happy days in our lives. I am certain that we are all attached to signifiers of our childhood days, when evenings were meant only for homework and endless cartoons. When being hurt meant having a scrapped knee and being heartbroken was losing your favourite stationery and misunderstandings were quarrelling with your siblings over pencils, pens and pouches.

                        Neorah manufactures the perfect pencil pouches that are luxurious and durable because we know that it holds a special place in your life. Our pencil pouch are handcrafted with skilled artisans and comes in a variety of eye-catching colours to make your day.

                        If you are a student or a professional looking to organize your stationary, Neorah pouches are the right solution for you. You no longer have to hunt through the depths of your backpack or your handbag before any important exam or meeting. It saves you from the embarrassment of asking people around for an extra pen or pencil. All you have to do is just grab your pouch and you are ready to go. It’s exclusive hard-wearing golden metallic zipper exudes excellence and is long lasting. You no longer have to worry about wearing down your pouch and having to buy a new one each academic year.

Neorah Pencil pouch


                    If you are a stationary enthusiast or a writer who values their stationary, this is the perfect place to store them. Don’t worry about damaging your precious pens or brushes. Our pouch is double panelled with Vegan leather on the outside and lined with silk blend fabric on the inside. So, your valuables are completely safe and well-protected.

Neorah Pen Pouch

                   You might be an artist who is passionate about painting the world around you. Carry all your brushes, pencils, colours and paints in your pouch with you all the time because you were created to create. Don’t wait long after you have found your inspiration. Start sketching or doodling as soon as you find something fascinating or intriguing.

                   It is handy and spacious to save all your everyday essentials like your keys, charger, air pods, earphones and so on Neorah pouch can also be your perfect travel companion to store all your petite makeup, skin care and other products.

 Neorah pouch

                Buying Neorah’s pouch is an investment. It can preserve not just your essentials and but also stay by your side as you make memories.

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