The Best Journal for 2023

                  What is journaling? Journaling is another word for writing a diary but in an aesthetic manner. You can have a journal for maintaining your routine, penning down your dreams, keeping track of your goals, treasuring memorable events in your life or even for writing some random stuff that comes to your mind.

             The ultimate goal however is to diligently use your Journal Notebook and at the same time decorate it and glam it up in your style.

              The Classic Journal from Neorah is available in A5, B5, A4, A6, B6 and Petite sizes. They also come in plain, square, ruled and dot grid patterns. Each journal contains 200 pages and there are various, exciting color options to choose from.

Neorah Journal Notebook

                                The journal is excellently packed and it comes in a sturdy, elegant box for storing. Inside the box, following the Thank you note and the note from the brand, there are square and long label stickers. The square label stickers can be used to write your name or a note in case you are gifting the journal to someone. The long label sticker can be stuck on the side of the journal to make it easy to identify when it is stacked.

Journal Notebook diary

                             It is also useful if you want to create an archive of your life to record your life’s journey and the memories that you made. You can write the year that you have used the journal Notebook Diary on the label, once you are done and store it on your shelf.

Neorah Journal diary

                The Journal is quite heavy and the outer Vegan Leatherette cover is waterproof. It looks elegant with the Neorah name branding at the back cover of the journal and it is neatly secured by an elastic band. There are two silk-blend bookmarks, one of which matches the outer cover of the journal.

Neorah diary notebook

                      A lot of thought has gone behind making each aspect of the planner. The book lays flat when opened and saves the trouble of holding it down while writing. The very first page of the planner where the name is usually written is thick and its print also matches the outer cover for a classy look.

Bullet Journal Notebook

                                The pages are 100 gsm thick which makes it suitable for many writing instruments without bleeding or ghosting. You can come up with many Journal Notebook like a memory journal, junk journal, diary, reading journal, calligraphy etc to use it. The dots in the dot grid journal are subtle which also makes it a perfect Bullet Journal Notebook that will make your creative work pop. also has a sturdy back pouch to store labels, stickers or sticky notes.

A journal is something that not only improves your writing skills and creativity but your physical and mental health. Experience the finest quality and reap the benefits of journaling with the Classic Journals from Neorah.


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