The Best Planner for a Student


    A student’s life is filled with many dreams and aspirations. These range from wanting to be more productive and utilize time efficiently, learning a new sport or a hobby to staying at the top of the class. These dreams of success have one common adversary, which is none other than procrastination.

    Procrastination is that voice that whispers in our head that a little more scrolling through social media or watching just one more episode wouldn’t hurt. But this strong impulse for instant gratification doesn’t stop at that. It keeps weakening our determination till the task is left incomplete until the last possible moment, turning all the joy into anxiety, stress and regret. The best way to shut out this voice is to turn all the abstract goals and dreams in the mind into a concrete commitment by writing on a planner. This visual and structured representation of the things that are to be accomplished keeps them on top of our mind and motivates us to be accountable.

    Neorah Petite planner is an excellent choice for students as it has simple, efficient and well researched layouts that increase productivity. Moreover, it is also easy on the pocket which is a significant advantage for students who want to stay within a budget. Let’s take a closer look at some of its best features:


1. Convenient size



    The Neorah planner 2024 is the most convenient planner that can be used by students. It is sleek, lightweight and handy, so it fits in any bag without taking too much space. With its effortless portability, note taking and planning has never been easier


2. Efficient layouts

    The layouts of the planner for students are comprehensive and structured for efficient break up of goals, scheduling and tracking progress.




Yearly Layout

The overall layout for the year that offers a quick glance of the important days and events with space for notes.


Monthly Layout



Monthly calendar with tabs for each day of the month to note down appointments, deadlines and to set monthly goals


Weekly Layout


The weekly planner has tabs for each day of the week with space to write the day’s tasks along with a notes page for detailed planning, quick note taking or journaling.


3. No Distractions



    The Planner diary from Neorah offers the ultimate professional planning experience without any huge quotes, doodles or printed images that will take up your writing space as well as concentration away from the task at hand. The layouts are simple and minimal which is especially beneficial for students who like to make detailed notes.

The customizable nature of the student planner truly sets it apart. There are divisional markings in all the notes pages that helps the user to divide, organise and use the page as desired. The headings and dates are not too obtrusive, so any the layout of the planner can be repurposed without going to waste.

For instance, if you are a person who doesn’t like to write down their contacts and passwords, the page can be repurposed to write an exam schedule for maximum utility.



4. Habit Tracking

    Consistency is the key to achieving success and Neorah’s habit tracker is designed just for that. By consistently tracking habits, one can get more insight into their daily routine as well as develop self- discipline and accountability for their actions.

The study planner for students has cyclic habit tracker wheels which enable tracking 5 habits at a time and the overview of 6 months helps users to analyse and keep track of their consistency.


5. ExpenseTracker

    The student planner comes with a finance tracker with space to list monthly expenses to keep in check with their budget and make savings for future goals possible. This expense tracking and budgeting empowers students to learn financial responsibilities at a young age and making prudent decisions.



    The Neorah student planner plays a multi-faceted role. More than just scheduling, prioritizing and tracking, this best student planner offers structure and clarity in life. It is also a tool that helps students develop valuable qualities like accountability, responsibility, time management and perseverance, making the Neorah Planner a worthy investment that will help students thrive in academics and all other aspects of life too.


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