Things to Know Before Choosing a Passport Holder

                       Travel is the most exciting thing one can experience in this life. The thrill of exploring new places with different people, languages and cultures, have no substitute. Whether it is a fun retreat with friends, a peaceful vacation with family or a solo adventure, a dopamine rush is guaranteed when you travel.

                        While your travel can be utmost pleasant, making it through airport security, to your flight is no fun. There is the stress of getting to the airport on time hurdling through the traffic. Mini heart attacks waiting in store when you rummage through your bag for your passport, wondering if you brought it. Tiring, long queues at luggage handling, security pass and boarding.

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                       Keeping your passport and your most important documents, safe and handy throughout, definitely eases the tension. What you need is a passport cover to accompany and help with a hassle- free trip. Save all important documents like your Passport, boarding pass, visa, credit/debit cards with the Passport Holder from Neorah and prevent them from getting worn out way before its lifespan.

Here are the things to keep in mind when you choose a Passport Cover:

  1. Size

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                     The perfect passport cover is neither too big nor too small. When the travel wallet is too big, your documents can tumble out and go missing any time. When it is too small, you are going to find it difficult to keep your passport and other documents inside, damaging the edges in the process.

                      The Neorah passport holder is just the perfect size. Your passport can fit snugly inside and remain safe there throughout your trip.

      2. Material

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                        Choosing a passport cover made with a durable material is really important. Neorah has the best Passport holder India that is made with the finest vegan leather. It is handcrafted by skilled artisans to achieve the perfect finish and quality.  This holder will keep your passport from getting torn, bent or stained. It keeps your passport safe and isolated from the rest of the contents in your bag, so there are no chances of spillage or your passport getting wet due to bad weather.


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                             Look for a passport cover that can hold more than just your passport. Having other important documents like your visa and boarding pass safe inside is a useful perk. Neorah’s travel passport holder has an additional compartment where you can also store your credit cards or debit cards. It is also a good idea to store some cash for grabbing a coffee at the airport or a cab when you land.

                               It is compact, handy and fits easily inside your backpack, tote or even your jean pocket without taking up much space.


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                         The passport holder from Neorah, in addition to organising your travel needs, also imparts a classy and sophisticated vibe. Made of vegan leather with the popular cross hatch pattern, it is something that looks luxurious and makes you look elite. The passport sleeve is available in 13 different attractive colours to choose from.


                         A Personalized passport holder is a must have that boosts your desire for travel and adventure. It is a practical yet elegant accessory that makes you stand apart and travel in style.

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                             It also makes a unique and wonderful gift for your loved one. It can be personalized with a name or clip art of your choice in gold or silver foil for that personal touch. This passport case India is a thoughtful gift that conveys your wishes for a pleasant and safe trip. It can also be purchased as a twinning set to capture your love for travel and each other.

                            Travelling is great way to destress as it’s positive impact can last even weeks after the trip is over. Whether you are a travel lover or a professional, choose Neorah’s passport holder to kick start your trip, enjoy a smooth journey and bring back positive experiences.

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