Time Blocking Using a Journal

                     We generally use journals to write, sketch or doodle.  It is a safe house that keeps our ideas and creativity safe. But a journal diary notebook can be much more than this. It can serve as a powerful tool that helps organise our life and time. This type of flexible and creative journaling is known Bullet journaling/ BuJo. A bullet journal can be used not just to list and review tasks but also to manage time efficiently with Time Blocking.

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What is Time Blocking?

                     Time Blocking is a technique where the day is divided into blocks of time and tasks are allotted to each block. This technique is an effective way to maximize productivity as it improves concentration and drives you into action by making you focus on one task at a time rather than panicking over a piling list of tasks.

                     Through time blocking, one can learn to organize and allot the days’ time based on the nature of tasks and complete it within the stipulated time. It can also be personally rewarding to make downtime to relax and focus on yourself.

How to time block with bullet journal?

Neorah time blocking Journal

Monthly spread

                Before you begin with time blocking, make an overall monthly spread in your time management journal. This spread contains all the important events, plans and deadlines that you know are coming up.

                  Refer and incorporate these events into your day and allot time accordingly. This will save you from missing out on important events or deadlines that had been set a while back.

 Neorah time management journal

Neorah time management diary.

Collect and evaluate

               Start your day by listing the activities and tasks that are to be completed in the time management diary. Figuring out if they are shallow or deep work tasks, will help you evaluate the time needed to complete each.

                 Shallow tasks are those that do not need much of your attention like replying to emails, update reports, cleaning etc. while Deep work tasks are those that demand your complete attention like content creation, preparing for exams, presentations etc. Don’t overestimate and rush yourself while making your schedule. Allot sufficient time for each so that you don’t feel rushed or stressed.

                  Time blocking is applicable for your personal life too. Making a schedule for everyday essential tasks like exercise, chores, journaling, self- care etc. will help you juggle both your personal and professional life easily.

                   Always leave an extra block of time in your day when you schedule with your journal notebook. You never know what life throws at you and this extra time will let you tackle and balance your day with no hassles.

Colour coding

                   Segregate your tasks into categories like office work, personal errands, household, family, self-care etc. Assign a colour to each category like green for work related, purple for personal and so on. Highlight the name of the tasks or the time block with different coloured highlighters in your time tracking journal.

                    Instead of looking at a plain to do list, colour coordinated schedules will give you an idea of the type of tasks that are waiting for you, at a glance.

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Get creative

                        Be as creative as you like with doodles, washi tapes, stickers etc. to enhance your journal notebook. The whole process will help you relax and put a smile on your face when you skim through your schedule.

                     Choose the Classic Notebooks from Neorah and get started with Bullet Journalling. The 100 gsm thick pages are best for making spreads and notes with fountains pens, fine liners and stic pens without any bleeding or ghosting. It is great with fine liners and also mild acrylics and gouache to embellish your spreads and make them more attractive and creative. The pages are so smooth, that you will fall in love with the way you pen glides on the paper.

                        Keep on with functional and creative bullet journaling with Neorah and make the best of your day.

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