What is the Best Planner for 2024?


Hello Planner enthusiasts! If you are looking to buy the perfect planner for 2024, then you have just landed on the right page. As you have done, we have also researched extensively to make this possible. You will find everything you would need for the entire year in the Accomplish Planner 2024 and it is a haven for all those who want something personal, minimal and wish to write without being distracted by meaningless pictures or quotes.

 Here are some additional features that makes Neorah planner stand out from the others in the market:


1. The Ultimate planner

The Accomplish Planner 2024 from Neorah is indeed the ultimate planner. Unlike some 6- month planners, this includes all the essential layouts to plan and organise goals for the entire year. The yearly layout gives a comprehensive view of all the days of the month while the monthly layouts help with prioritizing tasks.



The  weekly planner diary is vertically divides by the hour, which is very useful for students as well as professional to time block and schedule their day.


The Planner also has a page for each day that can be used for elaborate planning, notes or even writing, thereby eliminating the need for a separate journal and making it an all-in-one planner journal.


2. For the love of writing

We believe that a planner is as personal as a diary, holding everything from daily to-do lists to a cherish able memories. Hence there are no prompts, activities or aesthetic images taking up all the writing space.

 We have widened the margins of the layouts in the planner diary  to provide the maximum writing space to share all your thoughts. Additionally, the pages of the planner diary have square grids in a subtle shade of grey that aids its users to write as well as draw with precision.


3. All in the details


The 2024 planner diary comes with a detailed illustrated user guide that provides clear ideas and suggestions on using every layout of the planner, making it helpful all those who are new to the world of planners.

To enhance your planning experience, the weekends in the year are highlighted in peach. The daily layouts include page markers to divide and customize the page as desired.  Additionally, the planner comes with monthly index tabs that helps the users to open the desired month without having to flip through the pages.

You will find many more carefully curated details in the daily planner diary  for added user convenience and functionality.


4. Choice is yours


The  Daily Planner  is available in 3 different sizes- A5, A6 and B6.  A5 for those who like big sized notebooks for writing, A6 for those who prefer compact notebooks and B6 which is the perfect midground between the two.  It is also available in 13 different colours to choose from.


5. Actual cost

The Neorah planner 2024  is available at the actual cost with the accessories like stickers and pouch being sold separately. This makes it budget friendly and an effective choice for those who want to purchase a planner diary without having bear the cost of add ons.


The Neorah planner transcends the role of a mere notebook. It’s a wholesome companion sorting through your day, offering timely reminders, maximising productivity, balancing your lifestyle and helping you to stay motivated to making each moment count this new year.

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