What’s in My Pencil Pouch

Neorah Pencil Pouch


                                     There is one thing in this world that can never cease to amaze you. Every time you look at it, it is deemed to take you by surprise. It is none other than, drum roll please, Dora’s backpack! Don’t let the size fool you. It is nothing short of Aladdin’s cave and stores the endless and the most random things that Dora would need on her journey from food to a ladder to another bag itself . Whether you are a kid going to school or an adult on his/her daily trips to the office, you definitely deserve one such wonder in your life.

                                    As we are now forced to adult, pouches with just barbie or Ben 10 prints don’t suffice these days. A pencil pouch needs to be more than just an accessory that we would like to show off to our friends. It needs to be a companion, a partner in crime that can stay with us throughout and keep us together through ups and downs. This is where Neorah’s pencil pouch comes in. I use different colour Neorah pouches for different occasions in my life. Here is a sneak peek into what I keep in my pencil pouch.

Neorah pencil Pouch

                                     Neorah’s pencil case is the sturdiest pouch that is out there. I use my red pencil case for school. It is perfect for all school going students like me. The biggest perk is that it is made of double panelled Vegan Leather. It is enclosed with a gold toned ykk metallic zipper. This makes it more long lasting for everyday hustle, while also adding to its elegance.

Pencil case Pouch

                                          Neorah’s pouch remains my reliable companion at school. It holds my pens, pencils, color pencils, compass, ruler, highlighter, marker and the other odds and ends of school stationary, I throw in occasionally. Even when I am burdened with numerous tests and exams, it keeps me prepared and all set to take on anything that comes my way.

Neorah pencil box pouch

                                            I am a huge stationery enthusiast and I love to collect expensive pens like Mont Blanc, Tebaldi and Aurora.  I use my lavender pencil box pouch for this. This pouch’s inner lining is lavished with silk blend lycra lining. This is where it stands out from the other products that I have come across. It has been meticulously fine crafted not just on the outside, but on the inside too to endure every day wear and tear. So, this pouch will not become thread bare in a few months like the other pouches and will keep your expensive and beloved belongings safe and secure. It’s inner lining is also blind debossed with the Neorah brand logo which is a mark of the brand’s originality.

pencil pouch

                                        I use my yellow cute pencil pouch to keep all my art supplies organised. This pencil pouch is in fact a compact and practical version of the legendary backpack. Though the pouch looks sleek and stylish, it can hold more things than you can imagine. To my surprise, this pouch can actually hold up to 23 pencils with ease! I use it to store my paint brushes, metallic pens, colour pencils, charcoal pencils, gelly roll pens and alcohol markers in my pouch, so I can start sketching when I feel like it.

Neorah green Pencil Case Pouch

                                      It is super versatile and I also use it as my everyday organiser. Ever since I started using my Neorah pencil pouch for girls as my everyday organiser, I no longer frantically search through my handbag for my earphones or keys on a busy day. I store my keys, ear pods, charger and my mini power bank in one place- my pouch. I also take it along, when I go on a vacation to carry all my essentials like a few lipsticks, eyeliner, mascara, lip balm and a mini moisturizer.

Neorah Pencil Case Box Pouch

                                           These are some of the ways I use my pencil pouch. You can buy your very own Neorah pouch and come up with interesting ways to use it. Unwind with your Neorah pencil pouch and start doing the best thing that life has to offer- making memories.

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