Why is the A5 daily planner from Neorah better than the B5 weekly planners in the market?

                         It is not just Christmas that makes the month of December special. December is the season of hope as you start to gear up for the year ahead with new goals and dreams. Here is how you can make your New Year better and achieve your goals by choosing the right planner from the numerous options available.

                         Layout is important! The planner that you choose must have ample space to let you plan, write and make a schedule, as it is the main purpose of using a planner. There are both B5 and A5 size planners available in the market. But don't let the size of the notebook fool you! The A5 Daily Planner 2023 from Neorah is much more spacious than the B5 weekly planners from other brands.  

                        Though the size of the B5 notebook from other brands appear bigger, the space for writing remains minimal like in their A5 planners as it is taken up by unwanted quotes, challenges and drawings.     

                             Neorah's A5 Daily Planner Diary 2023 on the other hand, is clean and to the point. There is an entire page dedicated to each day, so you can make your plans/ schedules in detail or even write about your everyday experiences.

A5 planner Daily layout neorah

                                     Each person is on a different journey, with different goals and passions. Having pre set questions to answer cannot be applicable and relatable for everyone. Hence the planner you use, must give you the freedom to use it any way you like.

Neorah A5 Vision board layout


Neorah A5 Planner Diary 2023

                        The dates and heading in the Neorah Daily Planner Diary are very subtle, so it can be conveniently covered by stickers or tape and used as desired. The vision board and passion tracker also do not come with any set of lists or prompts. They are completely customisable!

                        The planner that you carry has to be wholesome!  The Neorah A5 Daily planner comes with a customizable health tracker for each month, that can be used to track the health conditions for yourself or your loved one. It also lets you note your Accomplishments and the things you are Grateful for, each day, so it is mindful of your mental health and helps you stay optimistic.

Neorah A5 Planner habit tracker layout

                                  The planner also has a habit tracker wheel where you can incorporate productive habits. The Habit Tracker Page gives an overall view of six months at a time, so it is easy to trace your consistency and look back at your progress throughout the year.

                                Finally, your planner has to be easy to carry for on the go execution. The A5 Daily planner from Neorah is the best daily planner 2023 as it is lightweight as there are no number of pages that are occupied by huge quotes or doodles.

                                 The best planner is one that would suit the needs of all people and not be too overwhelming or distracting to use. The Neorah planner has been proved to give successful results for people of all professions. It is a user- friendly planner that would make you want to use it every day to grow and be the best version of you.

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