Why Neorah’s Travelogue is better than the Traveler’s Notebook?


                     On the onset of the New Year, you must be in search of the perfect organiser to organise yourself during your everyday work life and your frequent travels. This disposition is a guide to choosing the best travel organiser that will suit your needs and last for a long time.

Material quality :

             Your organiser is something you would use throughout your year and even after that. You would be carrying it with you often everywhere. So, it is important to choose a travel organizer with good material quality. Neorah’s Travelogue is made from premium quality Vegan leather.

Neorah travelogue Comparison Image

                                 It is thicker and comparatively sturdier than the other Leather organisers available in the market. It is It durable, scratch proof and not likely to look worn out even after years of usage.

Neorah Travelogue card slots Image

                                    Neorah’s Travelogue is more functional and versatile. Unlike the other popular travel journal sleeves that are plain, the sleeve of Neorah Travelogue has 3 card slots, a side slot and front & back compartments to carry your essentials like cards, currency, tickets, stickers etc. when you head out with your travel organiser.

Bookmarks :

                                      Though the other Travel Journal Books available are expensive, they fall short when it comes to quality of features. Most of the other Organisers have just a piece of thread that serves as a bookmark, which will become thread bare.

Neorah Travelogue silk-blend bookmarks

                                 On the other hand, Neorah’s Travelogue has 2 silk-blend bookmarks with tassels that are long and definitely not bound to come apart even after prolonged usage. One bookmark is in the custom orange color of the brand and the other matches the color of the organiser that you choose.

Elastic band :

 Neorah travelogue Elastic band

                           The other brands have a shock guard in place of the elastic brand. This will snap easily with regular usage. It also cuts into the notebook refill, damaging its cover.

Neorah Travelogue band Image

                              Neorah has two elastic bands to insert two notebooks within the sleeve of the Planner Travelogue, which can be a planner as well as a journal. But Neorah stands out in terms of the quality of the elastic band. The elastic band is custom woven which keeps the refill notebooks intact and makes it easy to insert and remove them.

Wrap around closure :

 Neorah Travelogue Journal

                                       Neorah has an elastic band closure to keep the contents of the Travelogue Journal safe. This elastic band is carefully sewn on the side so that it does not disturb you while writing or using the travelogue in any way.

travelers Notebook

                         The band closure in other brands is again a vulnerable shock cord. The shock cord is attached through a knot at the back of the organiser, which can make your writing process very uncomfortable.

Refill notebooks   :


                      A huge difference can be noticed in the planner/journal refill available from Neorah and the other brands. The planner from other brand has very few pages and can’t be used throughout the year. The paper is of very less thickness and is thus prone to bleeding. The cover of the notebook is also very light and might tear easily.

Neorah’s refill journal

                                  Neorah’s refill journal is made of vegan leatherette. It has 160 pages and the size difference is quite obvious. The pages are very thick and compatible with many writing instruments. You can also notice a difference in the paper colour as they are photochromic to provide the optimal writing experience.

                                  The Travelogue from Neorah is an eco-friendly and a much better option available in the market that has been created with meticulous attention to details. This Trave Diary lets you capture your ideas & inspirations, plan your life with ease and embrace each day.

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