Why Use a Student Planner?

When we think of student life, it’s common to imagine a positive scene. Of vibrant new friendships, cheerful cafeteria meet-ups, joyful trips, fun filled group study sessions, and recurring cultural programs. However, there is a contrasting reality to this happy picture.

Everyday is a rollercoaster ride where stress is a constant companion. There are back- to- back classes, a test to prepare for every other day, assignments that are strategically scheduled right before the weekend or holidays, casting a shadow on all plans and the big challenges like final exams and projects, perpetually lurking around the corner.

Amidst this chaos, students have to handle not only the academic pressure, but also the expectations to pursue some extra curricular activity, stay fit and achieve a balanced life. It’s a demanding phase of life that can feel overwhelming.

            To thrive in this difficult phase, a student planner  can be of great help. It is not a mere notebook for noting down dates. It is a trusted ally that can organise and provide a structure to your day, help you take control and manage time wisely to achieve holistic development.


How to use a student planner

Unlocking the true potential of a study planner for students requires a thorough understanding of its features and following a few techniques:


  1. Know your planner

Know your planner diary  and its layouts thoroughly. Analyse all the features in the layout and decide how it can be used to suit your needs. The Neorah planner has the following layout:




i) Yearly layout- An overall view of all the days of the year with space for quick notes or reminders. The yearly planner can be used to write the one most important task for the day, note and highlight important days and also to track the progress of year’s projects or goals.



ii) Monthly layout- The monthly calendar has spacious individual boxes with space to write monthly goals, things to do and health tracker. It can be used to note down 4-5 important tasks for the day.



iii) Weekly layout- The weekly planner is vertical with hourly split and notes space. It can be used to list all the important things to be done in a day and to allocate time for each.



iv) Daily layout- A page for each day that can be used for making detailed plans or journaling. The daily planner also includes affirmations, priorities, accomplished and grateful for sections for a much- needed reflection.


2. Time blocking

The Parkinson’s law is your mantra if you are someone who procrastinates or are feeling too overwhelmed looking at your workload. “A work expands to fill the time available for its completion”. So, if you allocate a reasonable deadline to complete a task, your brain will be fired up to complete it within that deadline.

Time blocking goes by that same principle and is a very useful technique to stay focused and organise your busy schedule. Use the hourly split in the Neorah planner for students to create time blocks for each task. This will enable you to concentrate on the task at hand and also increase your productivity.



 3. Habit tracking

Habit racking is a great way to follow up with a consistent study routine and be accountable. The habit tracker in this planner 2024  is in the form of a wheel and helps to track 5 habits at a time. The overall view of the habit tracker page helps to track your progress and motivates you to persist with your efforts.



4. Add self-care

Self- care is very important to maintain overall well-being. Make sure to add healthy habits like yoga or meditation with your habit tracking list. The passion tracker can be used to incorporate new hobbies and skills like gardening, learning a musical instrument etc. The health tracker can be used to track water intake, sleep quality and other cycles.

Neorah planner  is also a great way to promote mental well-being. The daily pages can be used to journal your feelings and recapitulate your day. The accomplished section helps to celebrate all small achievements while the grateful for helps to maintain a positive outlook on life.


5. Customize your planner

The biggest perk of the Neorah planners is that they can be customized as you desired. The minimalistic nature of the student daily planner lets you use any of its layouts in the way you find it most useful. This means that the finance tracker can seamlessly transform into a monthly study schedule and the passion tracker to keep tabs on the extra classes that you are taking. This adaptable nature of the daily planner will resonate with your journey in academics and personal growth.


Endless possibilities are open with the  planner  by your side. As you write down your goals and dreams in the planner, you are not just making entries but also creating a definitive roadmap for your success. Discover the power of planning and the joy of watching your dreams come true with the Neorah planner.

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