Why You Should Choose Neorah Planners?


                                  With the New year fast approaching, you must have several goals and resolutions for 2023. You can make them all come true by organizing and motivating yourself with the right planner. Here is why Neorah’s Accomplish Planner is your best bet:

 Ideal Layout :

                                 We designed our copyrighted layout after doing extensive research and several trial runs, till we came up with the perfect layout that proved to increase productivity for people from all professions. This layout gives you a flow in your planning process. The planner moves from the vision board to monthly planner and then the weekly planner, so you can divide your goal for the year into do able tasks with ease.

                                 The planner 2023 also comes with colored monthly tabs, so you can refer to the plans and schedules you made for a particular month without much flip through. The grids in the pages are very subtle. So, when you write or sketch on it, it is in disturbing.

Neorah Vision board Planner 2023 image         

      Freedom to plan :

                                    This Weekly planner 2023 has everything that you would need, without being too overwhelming. Unlike other planners there are no huge quotes, drawings or stickers. This way you don’t have to compromise with something you don’t relate with or your writing space.

Neorah planner 2023 weekly Layout Image

                               The headers in the daily planner planner are not too big and gaudy. You can easily paste a sticker or washi tape over it and customise that particular section or space into what you want.

                              The dates are not very prominent in this 2023 planner diary. This is done deliberately for an added advantage. You can paste small tapes over the date and continue using your planner for the following year or even re use your old Neorah planner.

                              Unlike several other planners, Neorah’s Accomplish Planner comes with 2 entire pages to make a vision board. This lets you be as creative as you want with stickers, washi tapes, colour pens etc. You could utilise both the pages at one go or use one for the overall year and one for one particular aspect like your studies, work etc.

                              The planner comes with notes pages after each week. This enables you to take quick notes and saves you the trouble of carrying another notebook with you. You can also draw, doodle and since the layout is minimal, even use it as a bullet journal.

Neorah planner 2023 Monthly Layout Image

Health and habit tracker :

                                          Health and habits are two things that can change your life. Neorah planner comes with a health tracker in the layout for each month. This way you can keep track of all the monthly appointments, status of health conditions etc. for yourself or for your family.

                                          The planner has a habit tracker for each week. This makes it easier to incorporate productive habits and stay consistent by tracking it each day of the week.

Neorah habit tracker Image

Mental Health :

                                          The Neorah Accomplish Planner is also dedicated to tend to your mental well-being. The planner includes space to write the things you have Accomplished in the weekly layout. This lets you celebrate all your tiny wins and feel confident about yourself.

                                         There is also space to write the things to be Grateful For. This way of showing gratitude makes you appreciate and embrace all the good things in life. Not just that, when something bad happens, instead of staying devastated, you will start looking at it as a lesson and develop a more positive outlook.

Neorah Planner finance tracker Image

Financial Tracker :

                                        In order to be successful, it is important to plan your finances wisely. With, the finance tracker in the planner, you can trace the expenses that you make each month, analyse your spending habits and improve in the upcoming months.

Superior Quality  :

                                         Your planner is something that you would use every day for an entire year. Don’t you agree that it must have the best quality when it comes to pages? Neorah’s Accomplish has buttery smooth pages that are 125 GSM  thick. Your pages of the planner are less likely to deteriorate for a very long time. It also gives you the freedom to use many writing instruments without worrying about the ink bleeding, feathering or ghosting. No pencil boards needed, just dive into writing when you feel like.

                                           While many planners in the market, comes with just a paper cover, Neorah’s planner is made handcrafted with Vegan Leather. The 2023 planner comes with 2 silk-blend bookmarks. These are of very fine quality and don’t become thread bare like the other satin bookmarks used by other brands. The planner is also completely lay flat, so you don’t have to hold it down while writing.

Neorah Planne 2023 pen Loop image

Accessories :

                                     The Weekly planner comes with a colour- coordinated pen loop that can be stuck just after peeling. This elasticated Pen Loop Holder can accommodate both small and big barrel pens.

                                   The planner diary also comes with 3 sheets of metallic Planner stickers .One sheet is clip art, one is descriptive and the other can be customized to make your planning process interesting. The sheet has no white or blank space and it is filled only with fun stickers for you.

Neorah Planner Stickers

                                           The planner comes with a user guide that will not leave you wondering how to use it. It comes with a detailed, step by step illustrated user guide that will guide you to use every aspect of the planner.

                                           Each feature of the planner has been added after trying and testing its effectiveness. This Daily Life Planner 2023 will make your year stress free and organised, so you can Accomplish everything that you have in mind and be your best self, this 2023!

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