Creating a Summer Bucket list With Neorah Journal

                              Most often we are far too focused on the big goals that we forget our little dreams and aspirations along the way. Those little dreams are our bottled- up spirit of adventure and excitement. They can be as simple as watching the sunset or as daring as trying bungee jumping. But fulfilling these dreams is what makes life memorable and joyful.

                             The best way to do that is by making a bucket list. Making a bucket list on a journal is not just one of the many interesting journal ideas but also an extra motivation to live the life that you desire and a reminder to seize the moment in this fleeting life.  

                              Here is a bucket list curated specially for summer to make the best of what is left of this season. Summer, the liveliest and the most vibrant of all seasons, beholds many interesting activities. It’s time to embrace all the goofiness and relive the happy childhood days that we spent basking under the sun.

The List:

  1. Go nuts for coconut
  2. Tango with mangoes
  3. Beach days
  4. Fly a kite
  5. Watch the sunset
  6. Make a summer themed mood board
  7. Host a picnic party
  8. Spend a day at an amusement park
  9. Day dream with ice cream
  10. Watch summer themed movies

 Supplies needed

  1. Neorah Journal
  2. Pencils
  3. Washi tape
  4. Bright sketch pens
  5. Stickers

Neorah bucket list

  1. If you want your bucket list to be creative as well as feel personal, doodling is a great way to start., Here we have made small doodles on the right side of the Neorah journal. We have tried to include many things from the wish list as much as possible like summer fruits, drinks, beach and other related activities.

Journal notebook doodles

     2. Once you are done with the doodles using a pencil, you can move on to colouring on your journal notebook. Choose a bright and vibrant coloured theme and pick sketch pens accordingly.

          The pages of the Neorah Journal are smooth and yield a beautiful flow while drawing as well as colouring. The pages are 100GSM thick and hence there will be no bleeding even when you use many layers of Midliners. Being completely lay flat, the journal diary lets you work conveniently with no hassles.

stickers based on summer theme

      3. For the other side of the journal diary, we have collected stickers based on summer theme. This time the stickers include everything that is mentioned on the list like amusement park, flying kites and picnic too.

          The stickers that you use for journaling can be stored in the back pouch of the journal. The back pouch is very sturdy as it is reinforced with a fabric gusset. The journal also comes with a custom woven elastic band that looks classy and keeps all the contents safe.

neorah journal stickers ideas

creative Neorah journal ideas

               Arrange the stickers in any pattern that you like. This is one of the creative journal ideas that is so beautiful, yet so easy to make! You can also make similar bucket lists for other seasons or something for each aspect of your life like travel, adventure, personal growth etc to celebrate your dreams and creative expression.

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