Easy Bujo Setup for Beginners

                         Travel is leaving behind your stress, your worries, your problems and bringing out your best version that craves for adventure and new experiences. It is the best way to break away from the monotony of life. Travel always teaches you something and helps you grow as a person. It could be about different culture, people or it could also be personal wherein you learn new things about yourself and discover how strong you are. It is hard to find something that can be as rejuvenating as planning a trip. The very thought instantly lights up my face.

                           I could hardly contain my excitement when I thought about my travel plans and instantly made this in my Art Journal Book to capture my emotions.

Here are some of the things you would need to gather to give life to your travel plans:

  • Stickers
  • clippings from newspapers or magazines
  • vintage stamps
  • Washi tapes
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Art Journal Book Ideas

Dream Big :

                        Shoot for the stars. Whenever you come across a new, thrilling place, take out your diary and add it to your bucket list. I was inspired to travel to Ladakh after watching many travel vlogs online. In fact, Ladakh has become a trending travel destination. It has many beautiful, scenic places with a breath-taking view. My Art Journal is about this dream destination. The place is so mesmerizing that many famous movies had been shot here. I have added a picture of a young girl, in winter clothes to symbolize my travel to Ladakh in the near future. The movie star in me wants to stroll on the snow, flip my hair and take slow mo. videos there.

  I have added stickers like “Dream Big” and “Find joy in the journey” that was appealing and related to travel in the notebook. I have also added a sticker of the world as someday, I want to travel to every country in the world and leave my footprint. I have also included a quote that says “’ I hope you find someone who hates hurting your heart.” Travel gives you the opportunity to meet new people, people who would surprise you with their kindness and selflessness and help you love life a little more.

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Wanderlust :

                             “All those who wander are not lost.” This is one of the best lines I came across in a movie. Wandering or travel is all about losing yourself in the experience, so you can re discover a better version of you.

                              In addition to adding travel related, aesthetic stickers in this Art Journal Diary, I have added a vintage sticker of a young girl, which looked like a character from The Harry Potter. Her clothes reminded me of Hermione Granger. Hogwarts was the place I was dying to travel to in my childhood. Enthralled by the books, I always looked for 9 ¾ in railway platforms and waited and waited for someone to say “You are a wizard” and take me to Hogwarts.

                           Like travel, reading is also a journey of self-discovery. By wandering through books, you experience things and situations, you can never dream of in real life.

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Pack your bags!

                                Start by making plans in your planner. Travel every chance you get and don’t just check things off a list. Take your own sweet time to take it all in and relish your experience. Don’t forget to come up with some Art Journal Ideas during your travel and cherish your memories with your Neorah Art Journal. Bon voyage!

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