Easy Junk Journal Setup Guide- Happy Hours

                       There is a certain delight in just letting your mind wander, allowing it to take you to the happy hours of your life. Our mind is a wonderful time machine. You forget the world around you, losing all sense of place and time. It is like watching a movie, where all the vivid memories play one after another and you are spellbound by the magic.

                       Here are some of the things you would need to indulge in the process of reminiscing through Junk Journaling:

  •  Neorah’s Art Journal
  • Stickers, clippings from newspapers or magazines, vintage stamps
  • Washi tapes
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Nostalgia :


                        I started off this page of my Bullet Journal Diary with pictures that took me back to a time when I really enjoyed reading the book “Heidi” from my school library. The story is so vividly described that I could picture it all in my mind, as I kept reading. The little girl’s clipping for me is Heidi, the girl who lived in the Alps with her grandfather.

                       The various pictures of flowers remind me of Heidi who wandered through the mountains and wild flowers with her friend Peter. Her love for this life and her grandfather is so profound that she falls sick when she is separated. My heart smiled as she was reunited with the man who showered his love by making her a hay bed and giving her goat cream.

                      This is a manifestation of a book which is filled with genuine emotions and still remains very close to my heart.



                       The pictures I have added on the left side of my Art Journal Book serve as a journey to my good old days. The girl’s clipping, which looks relatively recent, is me wandering through the memories of the days I spent playing in my grandmother’s garden. I have added other pictures in this page that look deliberately vintage, as I wanted to highlight them as old memories.

                     Those were my care free days when I had time to play and run about in the garden with my friends. It was before technology took over and children used to chase after dragon flies, butter flies and decipher shapes out of clouds for amusement.

                    I have added a sticker saying “HOPE” on my Art Journal Diary as these are the memories that I cherish the most. The memories that give me happiness, the courage to explore and hope for good things in life.

 Curtains down!

                               The best piece of art usually contains a piece of the artist (in this case me :P ). You can use your own creative Art Journal Ideas to express yourself and add more value. I hope my Journal Notebook was a beautiful walk down the memory lane.

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