How to Add Journaling and its Benefits in your Life

                          A journal can be written for many reasons. You can write for personal elation, you can write to entertain, to meditate, to remember and also to forget your worries.  Journal writing is a practice that lets you watch your mind. It can help you sort out your emotions, vent your feelings, find solutions and celebrate yourself.

                       Journaling is a powerful tool that you have at your fingertips.  It is more than a pass time that you can turn to when you are bored or want to try something new. You can get the maximum out of it when it becomes a habit in your life and does not remain just a hobby.

                       Journaling can transform your life by tending to your mental health. It is cathartic and helps you spill out your troubles and get that much needed distance from what causes you worries. It can be a chance at finding your forever companion

Here is how you can add the benefits of journaling into your life:

  1. Choose the best

Classic Notebook from Neorah

                         Choosing a Journal Notebook that you like will make the process more pleasurable. The Classic Notebook from Neorah is a favorite among Journal enthusiasts. It has a sturdy leatherette cover with 100gsm thick papers. The pages of this Journal Notebook India are buttery smooth and you can feel your pen gliding over the paper as you write. It is also compatible with many writing instruments without bleeding or ghosting.

                         It is also acid free, so your writings can be preserved like an archive of your life. It has 2 silk blend bookmarks and a spacious back pouch to store your journal stickers or other bills and receipts. This Bullet Journal Notebook is handmade meticulously with attention to details, which gives you the finest writing experience.

      2. Spill out

                       Looking at the blank pages of a journal can be quite daunting, making you wonder how you would fill it up. Before you get intimidated, do some warm up by decorating the first page or just writing your name to feel a sense of belonging.

Neorah Classic Notebook   

                     You also don’t have to write pages every day. You can start with a paragraph or two about the things that you did that day and progress towards your feelings about what had happened. You always have to remember that your Journal is a judgement free zone. You are not writing to impress anybody, so you can write anything, in any way that you like.

neorah journal notebook and stickers

                            It is also true, that you always wouldn’t find things to write about and can face a writer’s block. At such times, you can look up journaling prompts like gratitude journaling, situations that challenged you, moments that made you proud of yourself or unsent letters.

                            You can even go ahead and just make a to do list, write about any book or show that you liked, a recipe that turned out well or just sketch.  Just remember that there isn’t going to be any immediate progress, but if you stick to it through ups and downs, you will begin to love and anticipate your time with your Journal Notebook .

    3.Journal time  :

                            You can use your journal at a time that you feel most comfortable. Some people prefer to write in their journal Notebook Diary first thing in the morning, as it will help them plan their day and motivate themselves for the challenges ahead. For some, their mornings are hectic and it is hard for them to find the time to do journaling. At such cases, you can do it in the evening or before bed where you can peacefully write and reflect.

   4.Keep it handy :

Neorah journal handy

                          Journaling need not always be scheduled. Keep your journal handy with you at all times. In case you feel too stressed or anxious, you can write in your journal to gain some clarity. You will get many Journal Notebook Ideas as you continue using it. You can make a quick sketch or write poetry whenever you feel inspired.

                          You can also take it with you on your trip or vacation. Write about the sensations that you experience and document your memories with souvenirs if you wish.

     5.Keep track :

Neorah Habit Tracker Wheel

                     You can make Journaling a habit by using a tracker to keep you consistent. The Daily and Weekly Planners from Neorah come with a Habit Tracker Wheel. Include Journaling as a part of everyday your routine. The satisfaction of checking off completed tasks will motivate you to keep journaling every day.

                    Journaling will help you become an optimistic and a happier, creative soul. With time, journaling will no longer remain just a task to be scheduled, it will become a form of self- care that you look forward to.

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